Friday, June 08, 2012

Carter and Company's arrival disrupted radio bingo for Fran and visiting friend.Not that Fran minded nor the friend who won one of the smaller games.

Siutik had a great time at first but got a little uppity when Terrence became a little rough, she gently showed her displeasure.
Carter sure had the time exploring every nook and cranny, we had not Carter proofed the nick knacks, nothing broken. Matthew was along too but he is camera shy still.

Excuse me while a piss myself laughing will ya. The mv Northern Ranger was scheduled to leave Goose Bay today for Southerner ports only with passengers and freight.

Lo and behold CBC HV-GB just announced she is still in dry dock in St.Johns undergoing annual re fit.

 Now how did the venerable minister Heddersen not pick up on that and announce that the Ranger would not be ready?

My usually reliable source predicted this some time back.

Makes one wonder with great apprehension what is in store for the freight boat does it not?


Shammickite said...

How do you play radio bingo? Sounds intriguing.
I don't think there's any point to going down to the dock and waiting for the mv Northern Ranger for a while.
And Carter and Terrence are just as cute as ever.

Brian said...

Radio bingo? Big deal up this way with lack of large buildings to hold them in.

You buy your cards and tune into the frequency of the group holding them at designated time. Here there are two radio signals and all bingo's are to raise monies.
All non profit