Thursday, June 14, 2012

The big bye bye for Carter at airstrip yesterday. He just loves planes, cant take his eyes off them when around them. When the red plane stopped and the door opened he took off for the steps, wrong plane.

Gran parents, uncles, auntie, cousins, siutik all there for the send off.

While there the first boat of the season came into view out of the fog. Only the oil boat but a sign that the ice is almost gone.

On the way home I took the shot of char hung out to dry. The scarecrow must work to keep birds away, it was there last year too.

On the shipping front, word is that the mv Astron will be back on the coast as the freight boat. No news when the first trip will be, sooner rather than later one would hope as the amount of freight being flown in is increasing, as are the prices of goods.

In the laugh to you cry category. After steadfastly announcing that the Northern Ranger would be on her way to Goose Bay today it is now announced that her departure from St. Johns is on hold.
One could wonder if Transport Canada inspection is holding her up or the work that is supposed to make her sea worthy is.
The Astron is due to leave Lewisport Monday, ports to be announced. 
Excuse me while I go change my underwear. 

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Rick Monaghan said...


I hate it when the grandkids leave, but then I get excited about the next visit. Small joys, huge pleasure.