Saturday, June 30, 2012

We are into a set pattern on the weather front sure. Mornings are fogy maybe some light drizzle then starting to clear around noon to partly cloudy or cloudy to mainly sunny.

Temperatures top out during the day around the mid teens and a lows of around 6 at night.

It looks the same for the next week too.

Yesterday we found out a little more information about the yacht Taravana I mentioned in previous post.
The skipper invited us aboard after an unsuccessful attempt at exchanging information on the dock.

René and his wife Yosiane (Josy) are very friendly and not shy about telling their story and showing the boat off. Pity about the language barrier though.

On the lap top we found out the journey they have taken in the last several years. Starting out from the south of France, out through the Mediterranean down the African coast to Senegal, then across the Atlantic to South America.

Not sure how long they spent down there but they visited many Caribbean islands and hung around Venezuela a bit ( Caracas is a very dangerous place). For the most part cruising down there is rather cheap, fuel was 8 cents a liter in Venezuela.

They cruised up the Islands leaving from the Dominican Republic then Bermuda and on to Saint Perre e Miquelon.

Not so cheap in Canada, and getting more expensive the further they travel north.

They spent two winters in SPM cruising around the Maritime's and south Newfoundland and up the St..Lawrence to QC.

So now they are in Nain aiming for Baffin island, then back down to SPM to spend another winter.

The interior of the boat was very neat and tidy with not a lot of ‘stuff’ lying about, unusual for a 45 foot floating home I would think.
But after René gave me the tour I understood why. Hidden storage everywhere and everything packed in neat and tidy.

Fran asked if the boat rocks a lot in weather. ‘Non non‘, she weights 7 tonnes and has a wide beam.

Looking at the ice chart of Davis Straight I would think they are not heading for Baffin anytime soon.

House fire 5 blocks up the road this morning. Fire fighters arrived just after 8 and had water going inside the house not long after, saved the outside but going by the amount of smoke much damage inside. No casualties.

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