Monday, July 02, 2012

Canada Day 2012.

Fog cleared off nicely in time for the parade and goings on at the ball field.

We caught the start of the parade down at the airstrip, quite a few vehicles participated.  After going through town the parade ended up at the ball field where a BBQ and games and such took place. I am told several hundred people were over there, most lined up for T bone steak and salad for 11 bucks.

The highlight of the night is the fireworks, but some mix up with packaging of the fireworks resulted in them being postponed.


Shammickite said...

Happy Canada Day Brian and Fran!
Tbone and salad for $11.... that's not bad. There's a roast beef on a bun BBQ in the park here at Canada Day for $15.... but it also includes strawberries and cream.
I spent Canada Day at OlderSon's house, BBQ and games, lots to eat and drink, sunny skies, had a great day. When it got dark we watched the town fireworks from his driveway, and then had our own firework display, including sparklers. The little boys loved it!
Got home at about 11pn, everyone exhausted, then while YoungerSon was putting the twins and the 3 yr old to bed, the dog got sprayed by a skunk! GRrrr!

Brian said...

Belated greetings to you and the Family too.

No skunks up here thankfully. But I just took a straying pup back to its owner and it had rolled in rancid seal fat.