Wednesday, July 04, 2012

A nice looking Bayliner 47 docked and took on fuel and then off again, yesterday.  Word is she is out of Lewisport and  her new owners (Inuit) are heading for Rankin Inlet.
No photo but very similar to this, without the refinery, nice looking boat sure.

Summer things are starting up, fish plant gearing up, long liners destined for the Torngats park arriving, park people gearing up, but the weather is still not reminiscent of any decent summer. A brief touch of it starting around mid day to the evening then just fog, with occasional drizzle.

Folk lore has it that people living in St.Johns Newfoundland go off the deep end after so many years of this type of weather. Why some even resort to moving away to the mainland, we are OK then, already on the mainland. .

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