Friday, July 20, 2012

Gawd, strewth and stone the crows, the sky is pure blue and not a cloud in sight. Its been 30 days at least since we have seen something like this, am I still in Nain, have I been transported to some exotic island in the pacific.

Ang on, there is some cloud forming to the east, so we are still in Nain, will hold off on the handstands.

Well I am royally pissed now, no the fog has not rolled in (yet), the fishers who were contracted to drag for scallop have high tailed it out of town without nary a scallop processed. What a bummer and pisser.
Not only for aficionados of the tiny tasty  bivalve mollusks but for the hard to come by income for those who work in the fish plant.

Why and what happened would only be conjecture on my part. What is known is that there are scallops out in the bays around Nain. Locals say so as do the fisheries scientist.

Clear and present evidence. 

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