Friday, July 27, 2012

Developing on Noah Nochasak paddle. Noah contacted one of his relatives by sat phone last evening, they talked for a bit before the signal was lost.

The three paddlers have ( I should preface this by saying the paddlers are thinking seriously of turning back, or at least Noah is, more to follow when info available) decided to turn back to Nain. Reasons given were the three kayaks keep getting separated what with the winds and tides and sea.

That in-itself would be no big deal I would think, but when you consider that all their supplies (what there is in such small frail vessels) are split between the three, plus one has Noahs tent and another has the RIFLE things could start to get hairy in very short order with reports of increased polar bear populations in the area.

Noah's latest spot me was sent from the same location as the previous, south side of Nachvak Fiord, and sent 15 hours apart.

Hope all stays well as can be and they make it back safe. Maybe they will make it to the park base camp and bum a lift,or maybe paddle all the way, time will tell.

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Shammickite said...

Stay safe, Noah and your companions.