Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Collage of pics from yesterday morning. Little bit of sun after the fog cleared but mostly cloudy, nice temp early but cooled off later in day.

The chance of tasting some local scallops diminishes daily.

The boat hired came back again with nil, zilch, nada. Not sure what the problem is, there are scallops out there. The crew is new to the area, why no one familiar is not on board is a question someone needs to answer.

Another troubling development is that official word is that the plant does not need much char, either fresh or smoked as there is no market.

Very puzzling that is. Is there no market or rather the plant cant compete with lower priced lower quality product.
 Is it time to rethink marketing strategy, outside the box stuff.

Anyone who has tasted the product from the Nain plant raves about it, just three weeks ago I gave a meal of baked char (not from the plant but local) to a guest, we found out after the fact that the person was not a fish eater, but after that meal they had changed their mind and could not get enough.

In the absence of scallop I did up a nice crusty spinach, caramelized onion, feta and mozzarella cheese pizza. Had it with a smoked char macaroni salad.

There is a blurb here about Noah Nochasak and his companions. Its brief and to read the rest you have to subscribe. Still that brief blurb is more information that any local regional media has written.


Mechtild Opel said...

NO market for Arctic Char? They must be kidding!
I would be happy to get THE BEST FISH EVER anywhere! There is no chance here in Nova Scotia. AND there is no chance in Berlin/Germany! I tried it even at the most expensive places for GOURMET food there.

Sabrina said...

Wow, I would have not called Noah a "kid" despite "high" rankings of fellow travelers...but appreciate share none the less.

Wish we could come over for supper, looks great!