Saturday, July 14, 2012

Friday was a strange weather day, stranger than the usual. High dark clouds, occasional glimpses of sun, warmer temperatures and breezy. More reminiscent to tropics than mid arctic.
 Any way the breeze kept the flies at bay, all we need is some bloody sun, I transplanted lots of lettuce yesterday, need sun.

 Another yacht hove to in the harbor.

Another yacht hoping to get to Baffin Island. Another yacht waiting for a crew member to arrive Monday. That’s just the one yacht by the way.

 Cant quite make out the name, Franks B is the best at moment. Ran into the skipper who had lots of questions about what is available in town. He said they were out of Georgia, and by his accent I was thinking Georgia of the former Soviet Union. But no, it was Georgia of the US of A, his accent is Polish.

The fish plant is to finely open Monday, taking char and some time during the week a crew is to arrive to harvest scallop.
Its been five years since scallop was processed here, itching for some of those boy, and some crab brought up from the Makkovik plant.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Brian. Weather bound in Makkovik. See you on Sunday or Monday. Got a few brews for you. Anything needed from here to there?Two Aussies aboard who are anxious to meet you. Please tell Fran that I will not tell the guests to expect a town tour. I can ask the kids to do it. We are loaded with weenies,smores and more forthe annual dock party. See you soon. Cheers, Rick

Brian said...

10-4. Nothing to bring except some sunshine. Lots of Nainimuks on the Ranger for Makkovik.
I will brush up on my okerisms.

Anonymous said...

do you know what timethe ranger and or Astron is scheduled for Hopedale on Sat, night?Might try to use the dock there. See you soon and will search for sun.Got 6 out of 12 stranded in GB, supposed to have left yesterday...oh well.Cheers, RM

Brian said...

Ranger will be south, Astron an unknown yet, as of last night anchored off Hopedale dock due to wind. Then ports to Nain to unload and then south.
There is a very good chance the she wont be back in Hopedale by Saturday.
You can track it here