Monday, July 16, 2012

Really nice sunrise yesterday, too lazy to get up and take a picture though.

So two days of much sun and nice sunrises, who needs that anyway, back to fog and rain this morning and for the foreseeable future according the the forecast. 

After sharing some HopCity Barking Squirrel Larger (yes the buggers do bark) and a wee dram in the greenhouse Saturday evening I was looking for a sleep-in Sunday.
Siutik always has other ideas when I try this, always persists that I let her out, even if she does not need to go out, and even if Fran is in the kitchen closer to the back door.

 Must say we enjoy some of the Moravian traditions immensely, some traditions are worth hanging on to, even if we aren’t regular church goers and even if the Inuit arguably ‘adopted‘ European traditions.

We were invited to a 50th birthday party yesterday evening.

As is the tradition the Canadian flag flew outside the home, due to the nature of the homes and the number of guests the guests arrive in shifts.

Helpers were in the kitchen cooking and helping serve. Good old food was served, this time a cold plate of fowl and red meat (caribou meat cake) and smoked char with several salads. Lots of cake, tea etc.

The highlight on our shift was that another guest also had her birthday,76 I think, plus some members of the church choir were on hand to sing traditional hymns in Inuktitut.

Besides the blues and the beach boys and Irish music nothing moves me more than hymns sung in Inuktitut for some reason.

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