Thursday, July 19, 2012

Another one of those days Wednesday. Shallow fog led to fog right flat until about 3. Still no planes all day.

Now today our ceiling is OK but other communities are not, so planes on hold again.

No real complaints though, most are coping with the fog due to absence of flies, and it sure keeps the road dust to a minimum.

There was excitement for some in town
. A woman who left Hopedale 50 years ago and ended up in Las Vegas was on the Northern Ranger (round trip) with her daughter. It was 18 years since her last visit so lots of quick catching up for some family and friends.

The boat was all booked up on departure what with tourists, people on round trips, several families heading for Makkovik for a wedding. Quite a few people could not get on even in lounge passage.

Char is coming in slow at the fish plant, and crab landings in Makkovik are low also. I think about 8 char fisherman on the go here now, things should start to pick up once the fish start heading back in.


Shammickite said...

I've been reading up about Noah and his companions. They don't seem to be too worried about the polar bears. I hope they sleep in the cabins at night.... none of that sleeping out in the open air????
PS... yesterdays pizza looked yummy.

Brian said...

Oh the bears would be on their minds, when cabins available they would use them, but not always variable.