Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Just two of the faces of a (going on two) year old.

Carter does the tantrums thing when not getting his way, goes on for quite awhile his mom says. Mom forgets the hours spent appeasing her at similar age.

And then a little while later things magically are OK again, this time playing with his new potty.

Photos by Carters mom.

In the low 20s again yesterday, did not drop below 16 overnight. Looks like it will be warm, wet and muggy for today.


Shammickite said...

hehehe I've seen a few faces like that too! How's the potty training going? Isaac only just got the hang of it, and he's three now.
Hope Noah is OK.

Brian said...

Don't think he is ready yet but soon as he sees things he has to play with them, otherwise tantrum.

Not heard from or about Noah since Sunday, but he should be at park site and getting chopper from there word is.