Wednesday, August 01, 2012

But it is a warm fog. Thick and light rain this morning, same for most of yesterday, but it is warm.

Noah has reported latest location west of his last spot on Sunday. Looks like following the shore, the Park base camp is south east and the other side of the bay to them now. I wont speculate as to why, just to wish a safe journey.

Its Noah birthday today, have a good one (relativly speaking)

 One of life’s mystery’s:  No market for frozen fresh or smoked arctic char from the pristine (relatively speaking) waters of Northern Labrador.

Yep, that is the spiel being used to justify the fact that only 20,000 Lb of char was this years quota.

The fish plant ceased taking fish last evening, processing what is on hand and clean up will take who knows how long.

Very short season for harvesters and fish plant workers, and very frustrating for potential customers who do not live in Nain (until closure) or Goose Bay (who can purchase at the Torngat Fish Producers Co Op office).


Old Brooktrout said...

This issue about there not being a market for char has been dogging the development of coastal fisheries for decades now. Funny, I see people eating more salmonids for supper than they ever have in history, and some of that fish is traveling vast distances from the netpen to the plate. A failure of imagination on somebody's part.

Brian said...

It would certainly seem like that.

And makes one wonder more when one hears resent stories of farmed salmon being destroyed in the hundreds of thousands due to disease, and at the tax payers expense.