Thursday, August 16, 2012

By about 10:30 yesterday the sun had all but burnt off the fog and planes started landing. Not long after the charter that had left Goose Bay with intentions of going straight to Nutak diverted to Nain and picked up a handful of people from here.

Years gone by planes on floats were a common sight, not anymore. It was a rarity that peeked many folks interest. Id forgotten how long and low the approaches on landing are, and it seems to take forever to prepare for take off, but when it is a go the twin otter is not long getting air born.

Above is the second flight taking off.

The first landing engorged some of the passengers for a brief leg stretch ashore, then re boarded with the extra passengers. 

Meantime the tide had gone out further so the passengers had to disgorge into the speed boat, plane taxied out a little, passengers re boarded.

I will have links to stories from Nutak later in the day.

Here are a couple of pod casts from CBC Labrador.

Not had time to listen but more from CKOK.

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