Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Of all days for the fog and sun to be uncooperative. The movement of people to Nutak for the relocation ceremonies is on hold. The Twin Otter on floats is holding at Otter Creek in Goose Bay. It is supposed to do multiple trips from Here to Nutak with some of the older relocatees and some politicians and officials.  The picture shows what it is like at 8:15.

Some folks have already gone up by speed boat and some were leaving this morning.

I guess we will just have rely on the old Inuit patience and wait it out. 

After much angst and tweeting the twatter Twin Otter seen taxing for take off from Otter Creek around  9:30. It contains some elders, media and three ministers of Govt.

Heading direct to Nutak then back to Nain later, fog is taking its time burning off but by mid day should be OK.

Photo by @AirLabrador.

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