Monday, August 27, 2012

Speaking of turbot:

 Fishing vessel Abigail Grace came into port yesterday morning. She is partly loaded with turbot, came in to pick up a crew member arriving on plane. The plan was to then head out, pick up their gear and then head home to NS.

The  wheels seemed to have fallen off the best laid plans of the skipper a little, some of the crew acquired some beer and were enjoying the sights and roads of Nain while consuming same late afternoon.

She was is quite the boat at 90 feet with a wide arse beam.
In need of a haul out and some maintenance, the hull below water line is quite thick with marine growth.

The other boat in the picture is locally owned, she does the charter work up north for Parks Canada.

Still on boats: 

The mv Astron is on a very unusual schedule of late. She comes into Nain at a very ungodly hour of the early morning, unloads her cargo and is gone again without a by-your-leave.

No wharfinger is at the dock, no one who wants to ship anything out has the chance to.

This was going on last year and previous years. I thought people had worked a better schedule out with the minister responsible for transport, apparently not.

Update and corrections on above: The turbot survey is now approaching the Rigolet area just outside Lake Melville.

The crew on that boat sure is better behaved than the crew on the Abigail Grace. The men boys off the boat had quite the time I am hearing, much beer and who knows what else. I mention this just to highlight that it is not only Innu and Inuit who go a bit crazy when under the influence, media especially tend to forget this..

And a correction on the mv Astron, there was a wharfinger at the dock when she came in early Saturday morning.
This does not address why the early arrivals.


Anonymous said...

I went on this boat in 2012,the Captain had made some questionable calls concerning safety issues regardind life and limb so I had ask to see his Captains Certificate as well as his Personal Fishing Licence to which he could not produce either, the crew could not produce fishing licence's as well. He got this vessel in so much turmoil and everybody that fished on the vessel has been ripped off in one way or another I myself included (a substantial amount). How can DFO have conservations in place but not enforce them, this vessel is illegally taken fish outa the water and then illegally offloading in a isolated port. Come on people WAKE UP THIS IS HALF OF THE REASON THE FISHERY IS THE WAY IT IS ... OVER & OUT !!!

Anonymous said...

I was also on that boat this year and the same thing happened with us and I do not think anything is being done about the skipper or the people that own the company for taking hard working mens money from them and letting someone take that boat out without the proper papers.

Anonymous said...

i was also on this boat and im still waiting for payment from the second trip. this was the first time working on a commercial fishing boat and it was hard work with very long hours but i did it and would do it again but never again on the abigail grace well maybe if there was a different skipper not a crook like the one that is running her now.