Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Adventures in shopping,

Nain style.

 Every now and then I get my back up about the prices and state of the stores here. One day last week was one of those days. I was not in best of moods what with the back and knees playing up, plus the weather was not kind.
 I was putting off doing a post on it then these photos appeared on facebook of prices and a some what dodgy looking hunk of roast beef taken at the Northern store in Rigolet. 

Now my back is up again.

We had taken the 4 wheeler down to see someone off at the airstrip and on the way back decided to do some shopping. (we usually walk to the shops).

Had a few items on our list and stopped off at Northern and while there I decided on something simple to prepare for the evening meal.

Jane’s battered cod is tasty ( at $18:79 is not something we would purchase everyday) so put one in the basket anyway.
Folgers coffee was on the list and was $17:69 for 2Lb but Fran suggested that it would be cheaper up at BigLand. The packet of cod was slightly thawed by the way but what the heck
After checking out we headed to BigLand, lo and behold the same Jane’s battered cod (truly frozen) was priced at $15:99.
At the coffee section Folgers coffee was $18:99.

Seeing we had the 4 wheeler I said to self, bugger this and decided to take action. We took the Jane’s battered cod back to Northern for refund, purchased the Folgers coffee there then back to big land to buy the Jane’s battered cod.

Saved ourselves over 5 bucks and reinstalled some self esteem at same time. Of course I did not raise this with any of the managers or staff, that would be a total waste of time.

While on the bitch fest, potatoes and onions have been in short supply of late. And in one stores case a bit dodgy when they are in stock.

Fresh supplies of spuds were flown in, a 5Lb bag of good quality white selling for $6:39 at Northern.

At BigLand a 5Lb bag is going for $7:55, and the quality is poor, spuds pitted and bruised and were sweaty, and had obviously been stored in a very cool near freezing environment before being put on the shelf, if you can call it that.
Couple weeks ago the same root vegetable cooler was giving out heat only, all the produce ( what little there was) was warm to the touch. On that occasion I pointed this out to the manager and corrections were made.

The moral or point of the post is, well that is confusing as the people elected to represent us (at all levels) have abandoned the little guy in the interest of businesses in the region. The one exception I see is the MHA for the area, Randy Edmunds, who is taking an interest and getting involved with exposing many of the inequities. Alas he is on the opposition benches, but times change and we look forward to that.

It does point out that we here in Nain are not the hardest done by with shopping options and pricing along the coast.

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