Monday, August 13, 2012

Some foody stuff: A light lunch of Jacobs crackers with cheese and bake-apple jam accompanying a cup of tea.

Fran and I are Jacobs crackers fans, They remind me of the famous SAO I grew up with.

The popular Purity brand cream cracker does not do it, too bland and crumbly and soft, lacks the thinness and crunchiness of Jacobs. 

 If memory serves I have never seen beef ribs up here before. Some nice looking fresh ones in Northern last week, @ $8:49 a kilo I am not sure of the value but what the heck once in awhile.

I did an Asian style rub and put them in refrigerator for a day and a half. Then slow cooked them in oven for 3 or so hours. 

The  piece de resistance was finishing them off on the BBQ with charcoal and smoke for about one and half hours.

One would think the end product would be on the dry side, surprisingly the ribs were moist and tender. Sure beats pork spare ribs to our mind.

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Shammickite said...

I like Jacob's Cream Crackers too, always had them growing up in UK. My dad would always have a couple of Jacob's CCs and cheese with his cuppa tea just before going to bed. Haven;t tried the Purity ones, but you have to admit, Purity makes good JamJams!

Anonymous said...

I love Jacobs crackers! remind me of home.

Add Jamie Dodgers and Jaffa cakes to that list too