Friday, August 17, 2012

Couple boat loads of Canadian Rangers stopped off for fuel and some catch up with local rangers yesterday. On there sovereignty patrol I guess, one boat out of Goose Bay and the the Island.  Its amazing how many Canadians don't know about the Rangers, even people from the Island.

Everybody and their dog is into spot me it seems.

A team from the Torngat Secretariat is doing a Turbot survey on the coast, they have a spot me so people can track where they are at. Just near or at Makkovik the last update.

Then there is this group from Outpost magazine who are doing some stuff up in the Torngat Park after doing other parts of the province.. 

The magazine and the crew (well one of them) is a bit glossy and glitzy for my taste and the only reason I mention them is that our nephew Andrew is guiding them on a multi day hike in the park.  The crew flew into the base camp, then with Andrew flew or boated north to be dropped off for the hike south.

The Torngat Park base camp is at the little dip to the left on the tracking line. 

I hope they don't give Andrew any aggro and they listen to what he tells them. My reason for apprehension comes from watching the bit on *a sailor in St. Johns* and the interview they did on CBC Labrador morning.

I have no trouble with people doing these adventure type things and publicizing themselves and the areas they visit.
What does piss me off is the ones who do it on the tax payers dime, and this is clearly one of those tax payers dime trips.

To their credit they don't try to hide that fact, unlike many others (and there have and still are many) who do the Torngats and neglect to mention who paid for the bloody adventure of a life time.

Another warm one yesterday, 20 official and 23 at the house, no wind to speak of so flies were an issue.

This story broke (in its latest form) yesterday.  27 thousand animals out of what was estimated to be the largest herd in the world back in the 1980s of around 800 to 900 thousand animals.

Well the people of Nunatsiavut are doing there part in conservation, if they come across any at all. Why just this week NG were on the look out for one animal to help feed the people at the Nutak relocation ceremony, no luck at all.

Speaking of spot me, updated. This is the latest from Torngat secretariat turbot survey just happens to be at the dock here.

The boat there on was up north recently fishing turbot.


mealyman said...

actually that blue boaqt in your pic is Sam Morris' out of Cartwright.

Brian said...

Thanks, it says sin jawns on the stern so I was going on that.

Sabrina said...

Aren't all most participants researchers funded with government/tax payer's dollars so we're all paying for the 'experience of a lifetime'. It is one I appreciate to this day c/o DND mostly....otherside of the hill;) Hope Andrew enjoys his time up there working for Parks Canada.

Brian said...

guess when you think about it most everything that happens in this province at least in poart has *tax payers dollars* in there somewhere.

But in this case I am talking about adventurers-tourism companies and promoters who go to places and then sell or promote said place but neglect to mention whose dime it was on to do the promotion.
It is one thing to say, gees folks you should go up to the torngats yada yada, the fine people at PC treat you well yada yada but then when the the ordinary folk go do a cost estimate they have a heart attach.

Sabrina said...

Agreed 100% Brian, got only select people being involved on both sides (part of PC crew or elite adventurers...noting not that rough based on quotes you are sharing of wilderness first aid training required I guess comes with a price).

I consider myself lucky to have been up in that area of country, noting I was supported by employment to be cleaning up a contaminated site located near by with comparable luxury afforded....minus flying PCBs;)

Saw some Youtube examples of health and safety when boarding helicopter at Lab-2, had me glad I participated in earlier versions compared to examples I had of helicopter based work in NWT...perspective is everything no?