Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The small gassy bit at the front of the house has had some busy little feeders this summer. Sparrows for the most part but other varieties as well. There must be plenty of sparrow nests close by as up to 8 are feeding at any one time. We buy these discounted crackers at the store (discounted because they are way passed best before date) and Fran, and some times I, crush them up and sprinkle them around in the grass. Its hard to keep up with the feed.

 I have heard that when one arrives at the pearly gates you receive a bowl of these pictured below.
Unless of course you are a Harper Government fan, then you get a bowl of tar sands. 

Some of the relocatees who were removed from Nutak back in the 1960s will be returning to there old homes this week for a reading of the apology and plaque laying ceremony.

This is a follow up to similar (but larger) ceremony and apology made in Hebron in 2009.

 There is nothing left of the original buildings in Nutak now, it was mainly a trading post and a few houses. There were some outlying families with homes in Okak Bay who were also affected by the relocation.

For some reason this story from down the other end of the world resonates with me. It has similar connotations to the relocation apology here,  we have become far too complacent and comfortable with the wrongs of the past, this in my opinion only allow similar wrongs to bestowed on us in the future.

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