Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Torngat Secretariat Turbot Survey is up shit creek without a paddle a fiord according to last position. Seems a strange place to be looking for turbot?  I was joking about the creek.
Not really, back when I first came here we caught loads of small turbot in char net up in a bay, dumped the lot as there was no way to process them, except some I kept and filleted. 

The brief visit of the T T Dorothy Ann and its fast outrider caused quite the buzz around town yesterday. 
The Yellow Fin center console with 1200 HP on the back gained the most interest, a number of locals were given a quick run around the harbor before it took off, literally, for the Park base camp, 3 hours was the estimate time to get there.
The 1200 HP at full throttle use approximately 400 liters of fuel per hour, about the same volume as the mother ship consumes per hour at cruising speed.

Then she is 256 gross tonnes and has twin 1,350 Hp diesels.
No wonder she has 35,961 liter fuel capacity.

I had some information on the owner sent me by interested persons, Mr. Devaney is quite the colorful character and has created quite a bit of coverage in financial and other circles over the past few years.

There are reams of other stories covering this guy, mainly financial deeds or misdeeds depending on your view. 

Fogy and rain overnight, fog and drizzle this morning.

The Nain fish plant is to close today, shipping out the last of the char to Goose Bay, what a disappointing season it was for all involved. Lets hope some out of the box thinking is done before next year, cant keep sinking money into a loosing operation.

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ViewPoint2010 said...

Seldom do you ever get that much "property" without a significant backstory. Thanks for posting it. :-)