Thursday, August 02, 2012

Foggy drizzly day for good part of yesterday, cleared off a bit around 2.

A couple from NY were scheduled to leave on morning flight. Had a call to get them down to airstrip, no one really thought they would get out.

A coast guard vessel in the harbor and the mv Astron at the dock was a good indicator of what was going on, they kept appearing and disappearing into the fog, ceiling never lifted over the top of the hills, for the most part they were obscure.

Innu Mikun was the plane, very dodgy approach just barely visible through hole in fog over the harbor. Did one approach and pulled out for a second run around and landed.

Not sure the passengers on board enjoyed it. All flights on hold after that but some did get in later in the day.

Noah inches closer and closer to the park base camp in St Johns Harbour. It has been windy up there I hear, his latest spot was sent late last night and he should make it today if conditions allow.

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