Sunday, August 05, 2012

Noah arrived back in town, by plane, yesterday. Noah and his two companions paddled around 640 K, but alas due to unforeseen circumstances did not make there original goal of George River in Northern Quebec.
A learning experience in many aspects for Noah but the most important aspect is he gave it a shot and will be better equipt for the next adventure. 

This rather small Aviat Husky A-1B arrived  in windy conditions yesterday. I had a heads up of its pending arrival, the pilot and his wife had been in Hopedale for a couple of days camping out on an island.

A two seater, it reminds one of a ski doo with wings, but going by the web site is used extensively for adventures in remote places.

They are headed up to the Torngats, the pilot in his day job is normally at the controls of a 747 for a European based airline.

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Darren Robertson said...

Yes the Aviat Husky is a fantastic STOL aircraft. Though not a real good load carrier. Very high on the fun factor though.