Sunday, August 26, 2012

After a brief stopover in Nain the Turbot survey boat is now heading south, be interesting to see what they come up with at the end of the research, the fishery sure could do with some good news.

The outpost Magazine people are now back in touch with their real world, they had a brief stop over in Nain (refuel and drop off some Parks Canada people) on the way out yesterday.

Nephew Andrew was one of the parks folk, he is home for a week then goes back up to help shut down operations for another year.

Carters dad was the first officer on the Parks charter. We were down the strip to say Hi (Carter and his mom are here for a visit). As soon as Carter saw the plane landing he was revving to go and greet it, had a time holding him back. Soon as I let him go he high tailed it straight for the steps to board. 

Carter not happy to see his dad leave so soon but he recovered quickly what with all the attention he receives here. 

Warm one yesterday, up to 22 with light breezes.

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