Saturday, August 18, 2012

Nice spot of light rain overnight and morning, gets too dusty and hard to breath for many when  hot for any extent of time.

I had this on my (to do list) but thanks to Rick, arguably one of my cultists, I will put it up now.

The Lazybank Productions video called Till We Meet Again, Moravian music in Labrador, enjoy.

Nigel Markham of Lazybank has done some great work on Issues involving aboriginal people in Labrador over the years, going way back to the 1980s right through to today. Eye Of The Storm is one film that resonates with me sure.

The Torngat Secretariat turbot survey is still at the dock according to spot me.

But up north nephew Andrew and the the intrepid urban adventurers are making fast time across the mountains and tundra between Ramah Bay and Saglek Fjord.

Gota put this link up of an ex CKOK trainer (in between CBC gigs) who now resides in Gander.
Nice to see some reporter skills are still evident after years of working for CBC with their 30 second clips.

Update on Andrew and the Torngat hike.  Looks like they had a base camp at a pond, took a hike up to 3000 feet or so and returned to base camp.

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