Saturday, August 11, 2012

I had a hit from a reader in Hong Kong via Newfoundland Blog Roll, I was unaware that I was blogger of the week for part of last month, humble it is I am.

Another hot breezy day yesterday, though it was not as pleasant near the water with the wind more off the land.The forecast WAS for more of same for several days but now the forecast has changed indicating more RDF type stuff and cooler temps.

Not to be outdone our nephew Andrew gets a mention in this glossy adventure magazine (hat tip to Greg for mentioning it on facebook).
Though a more accurate genealogical description of him would be Aussie-Inuk. 


Robert Wormington said...

I read your blog everyday I am Kingston,Ont resident.I am amazed at what your paying at the grocery store.Maxwell house Coffee 965 G sells for $6.99.I'm going to keep this short as I just signed up for a blog a/c don't know if it will go through.
Bob Wormington

Brian said...

Hi Robert, Yep, the prices for basics seem ridicules even accounting for the distance shipped.

Various brands of coffee of that size go for around 10 bucks at a bargain store in Goose Bay.

Alas we are held captive without proper representation.