Friday, August 03, 2012

Noah has made it to the park base camp. Wonder what is in  store now, keep paddling or a ride back to town. Depends on his injured wrist and perhaps his companions time frame.

Boy what a bizarre weather day yesterday. Thick fog until around 2, then lifted to cloudy allowing planes to come in like flies.
Then around 4 thick dark clouds threatened, this time they did not pass to the south, thunderstorm with heavy rain hit about 5 until 6, then cleared off to cloudy.

 Nunatsiavut seems to becoming more and more a region non grata with the provinces media.

Many many stories both positive and negative are ignored by media, even CBC in Happy Valley Goose Bay, the only outlet that is mandated to cover all of Labrador.

A tiny example is the recent shut down of the analogue TV service that CBC used to provide.

While our local regional media posted a story the larger outfits that cover all of the province just neglected us, while at the same time making a big deal out of the effect this is having on the Northern peninsular region and St. Anthony in particular.

Why is this so? could it be that our local elected officials are reluctant to speak publicly?
Is it due to budget constraints within these media outlets, but in this day and age phone and data transmissions are the work horse of the workplace, so that argument does not fly.

Could it be out of site out of mind?

Up in Nunavut there is great coverage of that region by two outlets. Here we seem to be still the poor cousin who is barley tolerated and paid little respect.

There is no shortage of potential stories and actual stories. The freight boat service is still not up to what it should be, yet not a peep out of anyone on that. Cost of food is not going down just up, not a peep.  Goods that used to be marine shipped are now regularly air freighted, not a peep.
How is tourism doing in this region?, Crab landings in Makkovik are down by hundreds of thousands of pounds,what happened to the promised scallop fishery for Nain. Why is it that only 20,000 Lb of char is being processed this year. Where is the promised wind testing for potential wind generation for the coast. On and on it goes, not a peep.

Further to the above rantings:

There is eclectic coverage of various topics here at CKOK.  You can always count on CKOK to meet its mandate, unlike CBC who is increasingly shrinking coverage of small and out of the way populations.


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Ahhhh yes - I did read that, but then forgot you had included the link already in the post. Sorry about that!

Keep up the good work! :)

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Any update on the restoration of local CBC to the cable providers? I know that Eastlink here in Postville still haven't added it back in. What's the situation in Nain?