Saturday, August 25, 2012

This tin yacht motored into town yesterday morning. Couple on board not that friendly though the lady more so when hubby not around. Name of Glendel out of Burlington Vermont.

 When I queried the home port the lady gave a reasonable explanation. "It was where her hubby grew up but they live in Main".
OK, until we ran across hubby, he seemed evasive and in a hurry to get back on board  (they left 4 hours later). No skin off our noses buddy, just trying to be the typical friendly Nainimuks.

 Any way lady told us they had been up to Greenland and were in a hurry to get back south.

 So the question that remains unanswered is: why did this guy get customs clearance here in Nain (through the RCMP) when no other yacht or boat can. If buddy had been friendlier the question would not have entered my head.
There seems to some flags missing from the vessel too.

Now this next post is not meant to demean or be critical. It just seems to be very unusual and I feel for all involved.

There was a wedding planed for yesterday afternoon at 2 at the Moravian church (I am assuming the church).

Many guests of the groom to be arrive from Natuashish (grooms home town) starting on Wednesday and still arriving on Friday.

The bride to be is from Nain.

The hotel is booked for the reception and dance, around 120 guests I believe.

Hotel hires on more staff and start preparing the food for reception early Friday. Hotel dinning room is closed to the public so staff can accommodate hotel guests and the wedding.

Short time before the 2 pm church ceremony hotel manager receives phone call from the bride to be and tells manager the wedding is off, there will be no reception and no dance.

Now without further information ones head could start spinning with speculation as to why this could happen.

The truth is quite bizarre as it is. Seems people got cold feet with the possibility that the groom could be arrested if the wedding went ahead.

I am still shaking my head until it is revealed that the weeding went ahead groom would have been in breach of a probation order to stay away from the bride.

Ones head could still spin with possible scenarios of how things reached this stage, but why bother.

Hotel manager did not dump the food as requested (seeing as it was already paid for) but made sure the hotel guests from Natuashish and the bride to be family received what food was prepared, 5 turkeys as an example.

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Old Brooktrout said...

Oh dear, that's quite a tale... best wishes to the happy couple--I hope it all works out in the end.