Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cabinet sworn in

The premier has not long ago sworn in his latest expanded cabinet, plenty of time to get things in order .....see ya next spring.

Labrador has two members, I wonder if that is a precedent?
We have John Hickey back in cabinet but not in transport. This time he has Labrador affairs, a role he shared last time.
New MHA Patty Pottle is in Aboriginal Affairs.

It will be interesting to read and hear what the pundits and bloggers have to say.

For me, well I am so DISALOUSIONED with the whole bloody lot of it; I need my batteries re charged. We are still waiting to see improvements, and hear back on many issues, from the people who were in Transport under Hickey, now we start all over again going by past dealings.

That and what I have heard about what was going on in the past with our previous MHA really has me burnt out, but we shall prevail, these little people are not going to keep me down for the count.

Another one.

CBC radio [as is VOCM] is reporting another search is underway, this time for 3 hunters in a speed boat who are overdue. The report said the boats engine had a history of unreliability.

I have not kept tabs, but from memory this year, especially the fall, has seen an over abundance of search and rescues. I always took a quite pride in the fact people up here took more care and had an intimate knowledge of the land, hence very few SAR ops relative to the traffic.
Well they do have an intimate knowledge of the land, otherwise the results would be different, but it is looking like the taking care bit may need some working on.

Another one update:

Walking down to the airstrip to weigh me dog [for sled harness ordering] just as the military helicopter was taking off for home. So thought all must be safe [see above].
On way home found out that all were safe alright; the guy who had the boat that was reported overdue was safe and sound asleep in his bed when the SAR mission was initiated this morning. Said person arrived home last night, no one bothered to call his arrival in. This goes beyond the realm of care, it is more like stupidity and lack of responsibility.

Realistically their should be repercussions, I wont hold my breath.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday it clears.

Great day here [see photo] not so points south. The other airline is on weather hold, this one made slow progress all points up the coast [enlarge picture to see airline name].

Fran be on board on her way to the capital of the mainland [we be on mainland]. Fran mentioned that it will be a bit of shock, leaving our little remote place and arriving in Ottawa the same day.

We had a good little snow fall yesterday [again see photo], not sure how many inches or cm, this stupid new system complicates things, official says 13.3 mm, but lets say 15 cm round figures.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday morning run.

She is fast asleep at the moment, I won one!
Even her toys are being ignored, a real anomaly.


It has long been a puzzle to many why more has not been done on the North Coast to develop local business, be it private, Co-Op or government run.

There seems to be no shortage of people hired by Government working in the area of community/business development, Then perhaps that is job creation in itself.

Surely there is an opportunity to develop secondary processing [value added] for some species. This little story out of Rankin Inlet shows that remote communities, with the right plan and some vision, can produce products that market well in the south, not to mention the untapped local market.

The Torngat Fish Producers Co-Op did an experimental bacon wrapped scallop a couple of years ago. I did not think it would work for the sole reason that the end product looked too industrial, for want of a better word. It needed refining and then I think it could have worked.

By the by, those heady days of 24 hour shifts in Nain are gone by by.

Then years back the LIDC had the caribou plant in operation, besides the plant being condemned after a few years, due to it being built on very dodgy ground, I think with hard work and good marketing it would have worked. The work it offered the local community is more in line with the culture and history, more so than mining non renewables that’s for sure.

Why not packets of Pitsik [dried fish], kauk [frozen], nikkuk [dried meat], Jerky style. The stores here sell loads of jerky that is made some place outside, maybe China for all I know.

Those little pieces of frozen fish could be marketed locally and outside.

At the moment all the product is shipped out without any secondary processing. The smoked char is sent out in sides, scallop in bulk, and nothing has been done in the caribou line for years. You can buy the product at the fish plant office, and at the Co-Op office in Goose Bay, it is popular so why is there not more work being done in marketing and product development one has to wonder.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Roads.......or not.

Over at Cartwright they have a discussion and some pictures of the roads down there. Not sure if it is the highway or the town roads being critiqued, either way they are not so hot. Go to post 900 for the pictures.
I have been on far worse roads, like the interior of Australia, more commonly called the outback, and some roads in Greece were pretty rough. But those roads were not passed off as ‘highways’, or even roads. They were called tracks or goat paths.
I have a link to the Labrador road conditions at right, when it says. ‘condition good’, be warned that all things are relative.

Our roads have been kept in good shape of late by the Community Government. Some may say too much grading, the dust you know. But come fall conditions the grader has been doing a great job of knocking down the snow and ice build up. As these photos show, taken today, Sandbanks Road is in real good shape, Middle Path Road
[it used to be a path] has some pot holes here and there, but all in all not bad. Any way it is all relative as we are predicted to get some 20cm of snow tonight and tomorrow.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Moving right along.

The NMC is starting to take some shape, these were taken early this afternoon.

The second photo is top floor, the hall way will extend to end with the electrical room and the radio department running off it.
Bottom photo will be the heated storage space, enough room there for some sort of office if it's needed, just my opinion.

The one thing that is still an issue is getting the concrete poured on the bottom floor, lots of hanky panky going on with the contractor and the consulting engineers there, very unsatisfactory behaviour IMO.

Temperatures are up to +4, snow melting, forecast not looking too bad, bit of snow here n there, not too cold, says I with fingers crossed..

Belated Anniversary Greetings.

25 years on, it was not for the want of celebrating, just that most staff at Okalagatiget Society are up to their necks in alligators doing the work that they love, and receive scant remuneration for. As this report from there Radio Briefs from yesterday says, next year will be big.

Today is an important landmark for the OKâlaKatiget Society.
The Society is recognizing it’s 25th Anniversary.
Twenty-five years ago today the OKâlaKatiget Society was incorporated as an organization under Provincial statutes.
In October 1982 the Society had two Board members from each north coast community and three employees.
Today it has one Board member from each Town including the lake Melville region.
The first television training program began in 1982 and delivered to eight trainees through support from Inuit Broadcasting Corporation.
In December of 1983 the radio programs were aired locally on CITN and pretaped programs were sent to CBC in Goose Bay (weather permitting) on Labrador airways.
We’ve come a long way since then because today we broadcast 21 hours per week live from Nain through various distribution systems.
Our television program “Labradorimiut” aired for the first time on IBC time slot in May, 1986. It was a 10 minute piece.
And in June 1986 the television department started a regular programming contribution on IBC.
Today the television department contributes 26 “Labradorimiut” shows which are broadcast on the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network.
The OKâlaKatiget Society is celebrating it’s 25th Anniversary in a minor way.
We have a quiz for you and if you guess correctly your name will be put in a pool of names and we’ll have a draw every half hour.
Your prize will be an OKâlaKatiget Society cap or toque, so listen closely to the show today.
It is anticipated that in the new year and when the new Media Center is completed a proper celebration will be organized.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It's the labrador Coast.

It's being reported by CBC Radio that the McNally Olympic barge is still intact. This despite being pounded by heavy seas for about two weeks. The Canadian Coat guard is making regular overflights and claims there is no sign of any pollution or break up of the barge.

When the seas permit the players will decided the fate of the oil laden barge.

Besides the coast guard there are 3 or 4 other government departments ‘keeping an eye’ on the situation, as well as the owners of the barge, who have the ultimate responsibility in any salvage or clean up efforts. The owners are reported to be re evaluating their response plan; safety for any response crew is paramount.

With the constant storms, the related surges and the on coming winter conditions all makes for a very uncertain picture.

Chasing the bear.

CBC radio in GB is also reporting on the 6 F18’s from Bagotville who have been in GB since Saturday. Besides the jets there are about 40 support crew. No one is saying if any bears have been intercepted, but the F18’s are doing take off and response time workouts.
One explanation as to why the jets are here is that the hangers in Bagotville are being renovated, there is no confirmation of this. Many think it is just common sense to have the interceptor wing stationed closer to the coast in case of any infringements, works for me.

A retired chief of defense general speculated that the continuing testing of North American air space by the Russians is related to Global Warming and Arctic Sovereignty [who owns what] rather than any return to the Clod War, works for me.
But, what happens if [who owns what] cant be worked out with words and signature, eh?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

First of the season.

Yes boy, shoveled the stoop, the bridge, the front steps, call it what you want but I shoveled about 2” of the white stuff, very light, fluffy and dry, nice indeed. It is still coming down, looks very pretty for now.

Not so good for the NMC workers who are rushing to get the roof on now it seems. Concrete pour is on hold at the moment, not sure what the story is there, but it is getting very frustrating indeed.

On a lighter side, again, or is it really light, is it art imitating life?

Sparkling idea.

Caught this little news piece on CBC overnight from Radio Sweden. Not a lot of detail but offers up some interesting possibilities for Newfoundland’s moose/vehicle problem.

Instead of shooting paint balls from the air they could ask every red blooded moose hunter in the province to forgo the big game gun and replace it with a paint ball gun for one weekend.
Splat, the visibility part of the problem solved. All that would need to be done then is to convince some drivers to slow down when in moose territory, and to cut back the brush from the side of the road.

The use of paint balls has possibilities of the lighter kind. We could paint ball the recently elected PC government members, a very bright iridescent blue may do, or, what’s the color for liar liar pants on fire? What’s the odds there would be a lot of sparkling blue bodies down in the southern reaches of the US of a come the next few months?

Monday, October 22, 2007

Sunny morn.

Sun is out and the wind has dropped off nicely.

The folks up north who had a mishap are OK and on the way home. The boat in the mishap was/is an older trap boat style that had been done up extensively by the previous owner. It had just been purchased, and re launched, by some of the people in this group. Not sure of the situation with the boat.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Neither rain nor sleet nor snow

shall keep us from our walk. Well today at least.

Not a fishing boat, tug or any other type of boat at the dock today, while heading down to the northern point an Air Labrador plane come out of the clouds, had passengers and some freight on board.
Other than that not many people out, plenty of dogs made the usual racket as we passed.
It seems that there is a young child with the group that was stranded up Okak bay way, some reports coming in about the situation but none that are confirmed.

New Media Centre [NMC] update.

Looking forlorn with all the snow melting, but all and all it looks good for the concrete floor pour, not sure when exactly that will be, this week unless some unforeseen hold up.

White rain.

The now Gander based meteorological forecasting office of Environment Canada did a reasonable job of forecasting for yesterday: Clear to cloudy, windy, to possible rain and snow.
The same site is a bit confusing with yesterday’s hourly conditions, no mention of snow, or even sleet or wet snow.

Photo taken at 0800 hours, or 8 in the morning, EST. It does make for a nice brisk walk.

CBC radio news is reporting that 9 hunters have been stranded north of Nain in the Okak Bay area. A satellite phone call early this morning alerted Coast Guard to their plight. It seems their boat ran aground, the people managed to get to shore and were safe.
Search and rescue aircraft were dispatched and a later report said that the people were found and some supplies were dropped to them
. VOCM must monitor CBC very closely, good for them.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Slow ol Saturday boy.

Well the wind has finely subsided a bit, now it’s bloody raining. Typical fall or what?
The Media Centre progresses at a reasonable pace, up to eight guys on the job at times. They poured the Archival room floor on Thursday, plus two pads at doors and a footing for the lift shaft.

Since then it has been mainly doing some finishing of top floor joists and getting any gaps in bottom floor area closed in to retain heat for the pouring of the bottom floor.
I was intending to take some pictures this afternoon, but it is bloody raining, or did I mention that.

If oldbrooktrout pops by, the package has arrived; the weak shall inherit the earth. Or is it the Dannystan revolution starts next spring some time, no rush, move on , nothing to see hear, ya bloody idiots.

Friday, October 19, 2007

From the northern boonies election room.

I can now say, without any confidence at all, that labor will sweep the Liberals 83 to 17 in the upcoming Australian election.

This is one hell of a lot of fun, give it a try.

So now we hear that all that bullshit about proud, responsible, transparent government was just that, bullshit. We don’t get to see what this guy Danny is up too [except for jobs for the boys] for at least another 5 months, maybe more. Me thinks we need a whack a pole for the electorate.
This guy has a good breakdown of the sitting days of the house over several years, to say democracy is alive and well under Danny Williams would be a stretch.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Losing a language.

Poem: "Losing a Language" by W.S. Merwin, from The Rain in the Trees. © Alfred A. Knopf, 1988.

Losing a Language

  • A breath leaves the sentences and does not come backyet the old still remember something that they could say
  • but they know now that such things are no longer believedand the young have fewer words
  • many of the things the words were about no longer exist
  • the noun for standing in mist by a haunted tree the verb for I
  • the children will not repeatthe phrases their parents speak
  • somebody has persuaded them that it is better to say everything differently
  • so that they can be admired somewhere farther and farther away
  • where nothing that is here is knownwe have little to say to each other
  • we are wrong and darkin the eyes of the new owners
  • the radio is incomprehensiblethe day is glass
  • when there is a voice at the door it is foreigneverywhere instead of a name there is a lie
  • nobody has seen it happening nobody remembers
  • this is what the words were madeto prophes
  • here are the extinct feathers here is the rain we saw

In the absence of any provincial MSM updates this week on the grounding/sinking of the McNally Olympic I offer my own thoughts and references.

It seems that the barge is where it is for the foreseeable future; that is exposed to the seas that Labrador offer up close to environmentally sensitive areas of a pristine part of the country.
While coast guard officials have flown over the area regularly, and company officials have visited the site, there is no hard reports that actually say what has been done in the containment area, what could be done if weather permits, will there be an inquiry to determine why/how this happened?

I can’t help but wonder what the reaction from all sectors would be if a similar incident happened on the coast close to Grosse Morn, or Cape Spear. I suspect the MSM would be all over it like a rat up a drain pipe. That would lead to all and sundry, particularly politicians, asking questions and pressuring some action, at least looking for answers. What we get up here is the usual silence; no one knows what is being done behind the scenes, if anything at all.

CBC did keep on top of the story for awhile but has dropped it now; maybe lack of new information is the reason. Other media did not cover it at all or only paid a cursory interest, out of sight out of mind. The Telegram had nothing on it that I noticed, at least in the on line addition. The Telegram is to Labrador what The National Post is to St.John’s.

The Labradorian has, to me, the best coverage to date, more information there than any other place to date.

Hopefully some information will be forthcoming in the next couple of days, maybe wishful thinking as the winds up this way are quite strong again, up to 80 clicks last night.

There was a big drug bust [relatively speaking] in Happy valley-Goose Bay this week. Eight Kilos of cannabis was taken in a raid on a local house, two individuals were taken into custody, they will be charged and released today.

This is the largest bust of cannabis in Labrador; a smaller amount of seven K was taken a couple of months ago.

An RCMP spokesperson said that some of the drugs were destined for the North Coast, he added that busts will put a dent in the supply of cannabis for a short time, surveillance will continue.

Took these pictures at the dock this morning, very cloudy and windy. Siutik almost slipped her slip collar while I was busy looking taking in the dock scene.
The kaliutik is owned and operated locally, to my knowledge it was not involved with the barge sinking.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A week on.

It's been a week since the bottom floor walls were started, quite a lot done since. The bottom floor is almost closed in [literally], work is being done on the form work for the Archival Room concrete ceiling, some gravel being removed to accommodate the Styrofoam under concrete floor.
Once all is ready the concrete will be poured, looks like at least 3 days total for that, maybe more.
The bottom pictures are of the bottom right side, board room, kitchen, television department. The room with the gap in the roof is the television studio, the ceiling will go up to the slopping roof from the top floor left.


We have a nice clearish morning but with NW winds gusting to 63 giving a -7 wind chill.

I'm glad I got that 60 foot trench dug yesterday, it was hard going [through some frozen clay] at times, but my assistant Lucas did very well for a guy who had never done that type of work before. I have a few minor extra aches and pains having been re introduced to that Spanish gentleman manual labor, not to mention being a bit rusty on the banjo and the mick.

The trench was to lay a 1" PVC pipe from the New Media Building to the CBC site nearby. Later, when the radio studio is being fitted out a line will go directly to the transmitter, thus eliminating the use of a telephone link that is now in use.

Some post election fun: Seems that Big Island Country down under has more smarts than some smaller [not our own country] Islands to the north.

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr part duo.

Quite the windy day, gusting up to 68 clicks, dust from the roads and construction sites being picked up now and then.
Wonder how hard the wind has to blow to keep these choppers grounded?

Looks calmer down south way with this budding pilot at the controls.

A couple of people have offered advice on dog control, thanks folks, have and will consider all advice.
Coincidently I had already made an order from this neat place, just conventional collar and I am going to try the harness type to see how it goes. I did consider the halter, will forgo that type for now.
Walking with her this morning she was ‘real busy’, missed walking yesterday as I was in the trenches. I tried the choke thingy, worked for awhile until a human or a another dog came into view, she just loves to play, my authority lasted as long as she decided it was enough of this “obey mumbo jumbo”.
I would take the training more seriously if she had an ugly disposition, but her personality beats me, most times.
As our buddy Susie says, you have to train the trainer too.

Monday, October 15, 2007

t's a grand morning indeed.

A great morning to be dragged around town, managed to still the beast [with very firm persuasion] to take this photo after crossing the old bridge.
The mist from the water slightly obscures the tug and the fishing boat at the dock, but that is what caught my eye.

I had Siutik on a choke collar for several days, she choked alright but it did not make one wit of difference in her instance of pulling like she had places to go.

So this morning I put the old collar back on, off we went, or she went and I held back.

On reflecting the choke collar thing and my trying to get here to ease up on the pulling, it sort of defeats the purpose of the breed she is, and the fact I will want her to pull come snow on the ground. I have grand plans for her to haul our groceries and get heating oil, plus I'm sure Matthew will want to get busy with her and a sled.

I came across this interesting site over at JG. Our address is not there, but many are, get out and walk folks, you life depends on it.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Sam Anderson of Nain passed away early this morning.

Sam had been in ill health for quite some time being cared for at home by his family and care givers.

Sam was the first president of the LIA, a long time member of the Church and Community Elders in Nain and a very good translator of the Inuktitut language.

Today and yesterday.

CBC radio news had lots of updates on the grounding of the McNally Olympic over the weekend. Have not heard any updates today, the tug Jerry Newberry is still at the dock here.

As you can see by this Google image it is very remote and rugged up there. The barge is supposed to be aground 10 Kilopmeters SW of Hebron on Harp Peninsular. That must be one of those at the entrance to Hebron Fjord, a very sensitive area indeed.
The weekend reports changed from morning to morning, one minute the barge was reported to be breached and oil was thought to be dispersed by the wave action. Then it was reported that there was no breach and no sign of any contamination in the water.
This could be a legitimate confused assessment by the authorities considering the local, or one could take it with a grain of salt. It would be nice for the people here if the Nunatsiavut Government people could offer up some thoughts on the situation

The abandoned village of Hebron has immense historical and cultural value for the Inuit of Labrador. The Moravian church building has been undergoing extensive renovations and restoration the last couple of years. While Hebron is outside the Torngat National Park Reserve it is Inuit land with great tourist value, among the other values already mentioned.

Seems I am getting hits from some strange places of late, but it is nice to know I’m being looked over by the great spirits.

Also getting noticed from down Richmond way. As a kid we used to go for many Sunday drives up that way, very rural and historical area back then. Always got a kick out of passing the air base, looked forward to seeing many types of planes.

As a teenager I remember the golf course [bottom right of Google map] very well. It looks like the layout has changed, but one Sunday a bunch of us went out for a round. That bloody lake took about 7 of my golf balls. There was a par 3 with a raised green; you had to play over the water. It was not that difficult a hole, for whatever reason I got psyched out, better yet my playing partner’s psyched me out. I just kept putting ball after ball into the water, my buddies were rolling around on the tee in hysterical laughter for quite some time, bastards!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sun is sure splitting the rocks today [chuckle chuckle says them down under] as it has for several days. Up to 6.5 in the shade, way hotter in the sun. Not a cloud in the sky nor nary a ripple on the water.
Yesterday the planes were lined up for take off at the strip.

This tug, the Jerry Newberry has been dockside for several days, she be refueling this afternoon.
Sure hope they look after that oil better than they did up north with the McNally Olympic. Be interesting to hear if any inquiry or something is held to find out just what happed and why, besides a broken tow line that is.

Not many people out, there was a funeral so that maybe why. Crossing the old dam we noticed these kids wetting a line, ice is forming on the rim already. This dam is usually the first to freeze; kids get out there to nimble up their skating muscles early each year.

Hang on a bit, it’s up to 7.1. Now 7.6, better hit publish before I break out in a sweat.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Pork anyone?

Some time back one of my not so enthusiastic fans had a little shot at my spelling. Way late I’m afraid, I have long know my spelling is not conformist, when traveling in Europe it must have been torture for my folks back home reading my letters, I was a predigest letter writer, cant have everything can they.
Any way the gist of this is that someone in Whitehouse Tennessee Googled caned bacon.

I notice the population of Whitehouse has jumped dramatically over the last 15 years, pork maybe? Instead of looking oversees for solutions to NL population decline the answers could be down south.

The feds are going to put more money into protecting the countries oceans eh; will it be too late for this area of pristine untouched coast line? Maybe the new theme for the Park could be, come see the oil drenched coastline and black polar bears.
Hear and Now last evening had some dramatic video of the raging seas battering the barge, as of mid day yesterday the seas had not abated and now the barge is breaking up, what are the odds of an oil spill.

Update on the barge: The Canadian Coast Guard is now saying that the fuel/oil is now not on board the barge, he added that it is fortunate that the barge went aground were it did and not in some protected bay or something. The rough seas have flushed the contaminates away from the area. To where I wonder?
Lets hope, and it is a big hope, that with the increased interest in the north for carbon and mineral wealth the authorities put stringent penalties and some sort of oversight watch dogs on the ground/water/air.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Finely, an erection!

Ha ha ha, I mean erection of walls of the New Media Centre.

The lads started yesterday morning on the frames, cutting out and assembly. They are working on the two centre load bearing walls now, and then will put in second floor joists before sheaving the outside of the bottom floor. Will get the bottom floor covered in as much as possible before getting ready for the concrete floor.

The archival room will have a concrete ceiling, this to be done before the floor, there is some smaller concrete pads for outside too.

So all things being equal we should see some dramatic progress now, says I wit me fingers crossed.

There was a time

back in the days before Northern came to town, before Canada Post and the Bank of Montreal opened the bank branch here, that one could cash a check in any of the stores no trouble and with no surcharge, why even the gas station would take checks for goods purchased.

How times have changed.

On Tuesday I took a stroll over to the gas station to purchase some heating oil, in my pocket was a check from a reputable organization in town made out to a reputable person in town, I had used this method of payment many times over many years.

Two hand written signs posted on walls at the gas station said ‘no checks only cash’. Eh?

I go over to the attendant and ask if this meant “checks of any kind”? “yep” said the attendant. I said “do you know why”? “Nop” said the attendant, “just had an order from the boss of Woodward’s just this morning”.

“Sure wish we had another supplier” was my reply and off I strolled back home.

Having procured some cash at a retailer since I took a stole over to the gas station this morning and purchased some heating oil, the up side was that it cost me just over 2 cents a liter less than it would have yesterday, the down side is that it is still $253 and change to get 45 gallons delivered.

This is the second check on checks that Woodward’s has imposed on us.

The first was the non acceptance of personal checks a few years back, that pissed me off but I understood that maybe the rubber ones were becoming an issue. Ok, they still took checks from institutions, government and other well known organizations, until Tuesday that is.

Me thinks the bank in town may have had a role to play in this; it has already stopped handing out cash for large checks from one of the retailers. The retailer did not have an account at that bank, but used to cash checks to have cash on hand for customers. You could take a pay check in to the store and cash it no charge, good business sense one would think, and it avoided the other option of the manager having to bring in large wads of cash from Goose Bay. No more says the bank.
You can still cash checks at the store but not as readily as before. Other stores will still cash your check, but there are oft times when there is no cash in town on paydays, and these times seem to be on the increase.

Northern has always charged $3.00 a check; the other two or three convenience stores do not charge a fee.
I should put a proviso on that Northern thing, one time a manager decided that it seemed a bit unfair to charge that fee, so he came up with a great idea. For every check cashed there he charged the 3 bucks but gave out $3.00 worth of coupons that could only be spent in store, every body happy right?
Wrong, he got in deep doo doo when honchos in Winnipeg found out, he did not give a rats arse by then as he had said “adios” to the firm and moved to Alberta.

Yep we be catching up with the first world alright. Credit cards or debit cards used to purchase a drink and a bar, a green ATM in Northern, one in the bar, like you got’a have cash for the VLT’s.

I’m no prude, I use banks and credit union, have a credit card, pay our bills online, have one check account, no debit card. But it grates me to pay these high fees, and if the opportunity is there, and it makes good business sense for the business, then banks or other influences should not interfere.

Nice and sunny today, temperatures getting up to 7 or so still, maybe a bit higher today.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

It's over,

the fat lady sang.

It was close up here in Torngat Mountains, slightly more did not want a PC than did, I will be interested in seeing the community breakdown, just because.

The upside is we have a very very very very good chance of having a minister in government so we can expect all sorts of upgrades on our road and marine and air infrastructure, why the government may even send a delegation to Ottawa post hast to remind the Feds of their obligations.
Then Labrador may have two ministers with John Hickey in Lake Melville holding his seat comfortably.

OK I'm dreaming, so what?

Labrador percentage wise went slightly more against the government that for it, will this make a difference with the New Energy Policy down the road? Only time will tell

Yvonne Jones held her seat very comfortably, either the lady has some magic or the people down that way have more moxie than others in Labrador.

It would seem that the Labrador Party, as it is, is dead. Some re thinking and new strategies seems to be in order.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Post weekend round up.

Sunny but windy today, not a very nice long weekend with rain, sleet, drizzle, winds.

It was way worse for this couple who were very lucky, what’s up with the pick up person I wonder?

Then there were two hunters who had a problem with their speed boat, ended up on an Island and managed to get message out on Sat phone to say they were safe but no description of local of the Island.

What’s up with the black hole in the satellite foot print in the north I wonder?

Is it the same as the black hole [that is back] effecting the satellite television service supplied by ExpressVU? Are our representatives on the case? Do they know about the issue? Does anyone give a rat’s arse?
Any way the two hunters are safe too, seems the coast guard auxiliary picked them up this morning. Way to go coast guard.

The mv Astron is unable to get to the dock in Natuashish due to winds for 3 days now, hope the beer does not get knocked around too much. Clearer picture update: I should have written beer for Nain, I'm a regular user.
Election update: Roughly a third of eligible voters in Nain had cast ballots by lunch time today, I have noticed the Liberal pick up vehicles going steady, PC on the go to but not so much, then maybe they have others I'm not familiar with.

It's the 9th.

Will this be Labrador taking on Newfoundland after today's election.

Hard to pick what is going to Happen in Labrador, I have been caught out too many times with all the fighting rhetoric not translating into action.

Up here it is difficult to predict too, more Liberal posters in windows than PC. Some Libs have switched to PC.
The Labrador Party candidate finely got to town [weather]minus his campaign material [airline].

On the day the Libs seem to have more workers out picking up people to go vote, I will go out on limb and say Libs by a small margin in Torngats.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Movement at the station,

radio station that is, or it will be some time next year fingers crossed and wink wink nudge nudge.

The lads worked in the rain and wind yesterday to get things set up for the pouring of the floor footings today.

These pictures were taken during their morning break [used to be called smoke-o in my day]. Rain is threatening again today, the odd wind blown light shower, let’s hope any heavy stuff holds off until they get this finished.

All being well there should be some definite sign of progress next week, walls going up. There has been progress with the ground work, things that have to be done for sure, but considering the time of year it seemed to me, and most people I think, that not enough man power was dedicated to the job to get the concrete floor finished.

Double ouch,

at least for the antipode’s. I have seen the French play in the past, more open play and way more entertaining to watch than the English. But, if you can shut down the play and win games????

A wet windy weekend to date, no ray of sunshine in the forecast either.

Only break of consequence has been at the shops. Of the two larger stores only one had Thanksgiving specials.
As usual the Mr. Scrooge of the north, Northern, did not have any deals, did not have much of a choice on the shelves or freezers for that matter.

Bigland had specials on fresh and frozen items, mainly for the festive meal, but a few other items as well. I did not take too much notice of savings, but one that resonates is the chicken.

I decided to have chicken instead of turkey, so looking at the 4 chickens in the freezer at Northern they ran at $9.84 a Kilo, cheapest was $19.56 or something like that. Screw the chicken I says to self.

Up at Bigland there were all sorts of turkeys, chickens, hams. Chicken ran out at $7.11 a Kilo, so I bought 2 chickens for $22.35, I will put one away for later. Several brands and types of hams were out; I chose the smallest smoked with bone in at $18.49. That in it self shows the payoff for having specials, dumb Northern.

Saturday, October 06, 2007


One conciliation, I resisted paying the $199.99 to ExpressVu to watch the Wallabies got through to the final.

Oh look, there is life outside central east west Labrador!

This past summer has seen a noticeable increase in the number of scientists, researchers and other academic types visiting the Nain region. Much of this increased in interest is related to the new Torngat National Park Reserve.

But one could not help but notice the number of staff from MUN taking an interest too. For years MUN has all but played lip service to the North Coast. Some social related programs were carried out over the years from MUN staff, pilot program stuff, funding gone they be gone. There may have been others that I’m not aware of, but on the whole it was obvious that the coast of Labrador was not on MUN’s favorite play list.

There was interest in research in the area, mainly from universities from outside the province, much research has and is still being done by these people.

Money may have played a roll in the disinterest by MUN; it plays a roll in all other aspects of our society. I am not saying the sudden interest is a bad thing either, just that it has been noticed.

On the same theme of money and our society; you think VLT’s are problem in our province? Take a gander at this story, boy oh boy are pokies a big issue down there. Most of the clubs mentioned I have visited; back those days they started out as small intermit special interest or sport clubs. As the years went by some started to expand and add more pokies. Then take in more members or just sign in guests. Some clubs ended up looking like mini Las Vegas casinos with all sorts of entertainment and activity for members and guests.

Like here gambling is a huge cost to society, like here governments continue to ignore that cost in the short term aim of balancing the books.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Progress is

prrrrrrrrrrroooooooooooogggggggggrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeesssssssssiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggg soooooo painfully ssssslllllllooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww.

The interior of what will be the Archival Room. Layers of fire rated gyprock and stuff to go on later, how much later is the question of the moment. A concrete ceiling and floor will also be installed.

Proud Strong Determined

A handy dandy little brochure arrived in the mail box yesterday, the 4th.

It was from Elections NL, Choose to Vote Vote to Choose. Lots of handy dandy information, stuff on voting by mail, Advance Poll information and some good advice on the Special Ballot applications and where to drop them off.

Pity the deadlines for dropping the Special Ballots off and voting in the Advance poll was on the 2nd.

Would not surprise me if most of the handy dandy little brochures ended up on the post office floor with all the handy dandy little flyer's.

Another thing that is a little confusing; only two communities in Torngat Mountains had advance polling stations for the 2nd. They were Postville and Makkovik. Now I know the government web site is supposed to say 3 communities, Natuashish being the 3rd. But when the local media talked to the district returning officer he clearly said 2.

Why would all the communities not be given advance polls? Like it’s not like they can drive over to the next community who may have the poll.

Yes boy, the Future is Ours by golly.

If the advance poll returns are any indication we could be in for a low voter turn out on the 9th.
Maybe a way to boost the turn out is to introduce on line voting. Then to give it that extra boost introduce anonymous voting.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Messy boy!

No, this is not the Danny Williams promises to Labrador scattered all over the post office floor. These are the bread and butter flyers that Canada Post delivers several times a week 52 weeks of the year. Think about that for a moment will ya?
We are just 1300 souls. How many trees and who knows what other environmental costs are occurred so that Canada Post can make a buck and, and the things are not even read in most cases.

The latest nose lengthener goes something like this. You deliver her to me [Patty Pottle] and I will do my very very best to deliver her back to you as a member of the cabinet. No, it was not Fidel, or Putin, or even Chaves.

Progress is progressing.

One view of the new media site yesterday morning.

two views of site around 5.45 same day.

Big concern is that progress is not be unduly held up by weather and other reasons until the concrete floor is put in. Or the bottom floor walls are put up allowing the concrete to be poured in shelter and some heat. Either way there could be issues, not the least being outside sources causing interference [vandalism].

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Glow up the night.

We honored all the voluntary care givers by putting some Christmas lights in the window and lit them up at 8.

Can’t seem to find much info on this initiative so I re print the news brief verbatim from the Okalakatiget Society web page.

Do you know of people who are providing unpaid care to a spouse, a family member or a friend ?
If you do, there is a way you can show your appreciation for them.
Shelley Russell is the Provincial Coordinator for Care Givers in Isolation.
She says Ross Wiseman, Minister of Community Health & Services for the Province made a declaration to recognize caregivers.
That being the first week of October is proclaimed as Care Givers week,
So different events will be hosted across the province to support the valuable contributions caregivers make to our families and to society.
There are no events organized for Labrador because there are no Caregiver support groups.
In spite of that anyone can show their appreciation for caregivers that week.
And take part in special event in the evening of October 1st, which is called “Glow with us day”.
You can show how much you appreciate caregivers by lighting up Christmas lights at 8 pm in your window on October 1st.
Russell says this idea started in Nova Scotia and everyone can help by “shining the light” for caregivers.

Did not go out to look but from our house there seemed to be several other homes with a few lights in their windows, and some fire works were set off down the road just at 8, coincidence? I am not sure.

A funny little aside; my mom called the other night from down under. I mentioned the thing about volunteer care givers being honored; my mom has been looking after Dad for quite some years now. Mother’s first reaction was “I did not volunteer for this! We had a good chuckle, but it sure has not been easy for her. I did offer up the explanation that the volunteer must mean that you do all the work for free. More chuckles.

Monday, October 01, 2007


is the order of the day vis a vis who is running in the Torngat district.

As mentioned before, the NDP did have a candidate last week, his name was on a pole I took. We have a Labrador Party that did have a candidate too, but his name nor party was included in any pole.

Now this morning we hear that there is now no NDP candidate on the official candidates list that was just released, but we do have a Labrador Party candidate.

Rumor has it that the LP guy, Jimmy Tuttauk is on/will be on the coast this week, let’s hope so, be a refreshing change from the two main parties usual mumbo jumbo on a go forward basis.

Some interesting alliances that baffle some what are coming out.

The PC candidate was lamenting on CBC radio this morning that she “did not think it fair that the previous MHA Wally Andersen was campaigning with the Liberal candidate. Wally is a popular guy on the coast, and I think if he had known I was going to put my name forward for the PC’s before committing to the Liberals then he may have supported me”. Eh?
But it does reveal how Wally did his job in the past, and who may have benefited from that ‘constituency man style’, a style that I some times had a problem with. Wally may have been OK helping individuals with their issues, but on the big picture issues he was mostly a failure, not that any one else may have done better considering the small population base. But I do remember some instances where Wally put the Party Line before the big picture of the riding, something that is not being mentioned in the Facebook ode to Wally.

A little bit of reality: Garfield Warren was the best [by miles] MHA the Torngat Mountains district had. I did not agree with him crossing the floor to the PC party, but once he did this district was served by Garfield the way they should be. Garfield just did not look after individual needs; he had the big picture in mind. Update; made a big boo boo, changed to correct name of Warren, I was thinking Warren when writing but still put wrong name.