Monday, January 31, 2011

By popular demand

by at least three people; the pups [ or as best I could get them with the constant moving] who will be 6 weeks old this Thursday.

That one with her paw up is the saucy one of the litter, we have an arrangement that every time I pick her up she growls and squeals and carries on like she is going to the chopping block, the others just take it in stride, not the chopping block, the picking up.

Tad on the cool side this morning if I may say so, -43 wind chills with -29 mean. Be like this for next several days it seems.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Saturday night is usually something easy and fattening and full of cholesterol. Home made burgers with Oktoberfest mustard, fries and onions with mushrooms.

Frans meal was more on the healthy side; left over partridge with rice and dough boys.

Then sticking to the unhealthy trend I had cheese cake with home made blue berry compote drizzled over it.

Cheese cake was a bought one, Sarah Lee 16 slice from Big-Land. No I did not buy it, have eyed them often but the with price tag of 40 bucks I always resist.
Suppose it is not a bad price considering, this was on offering by a guest the other night, will try keep some for the next visit.

We have a wind chill warning in effect, the next few days will have means of -29 to -31 for lows and if it blows who knows how low it can go.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Carter's dad's first landing in Nain

No not that one, that's the RCMpolice plane bringing much needed 'supplies' to the detachment.

No Sheldon was on the next plane to land, it was freight too, there were half a dozen excited people to greet the guy, hope all the cameras did not embarrass him, not likely though.

Down also was Terence and his dad, {GG Son and G son}, Siutik was fed up with the waiting and the cold and wanted to get back to her family, kicked up quite a bit of fuse.
Sheldon [dad of Carter] in Hopedale on his first commercial flight with Air Lab yesterday.

Pity he did not get the Nain Sched but seeing as Hopedale is his home town why not.

Photo credit Inez Vincent.

And here is Carter and his mom [Aimee] patently waiting at the door for their fly boy to come home.
OK, not really but it adds to the drama dun it?

Photo credit Aimee McIntosh.

Lots of yellow balls and temps into the -30 area in the seven day forecast, steady at -22 at the moment and chills of -33, more January like for sure but as everybody is saying, we not used to it any more, but we will adapt.

Thanks Wayne, taken under advisement. Another outlet uses my stuff or gets story ideas all the time and I get zilch. But then that is the way of the internet, I use their stuff as links too.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Harbor taking on January 26th.

On a cold clear day you can see forever, unlike Sunday and Monday.

My pinkies got a little frozen taking these shots, the second lot are from the dock and the wind chill was -30.

The ice is starting to take sure, still some holes as you can see from these photos.

Holes should not be a problem in a few days, and the weekend into next week is showing down to -27 means.

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The empty egg shells? Just for the heck of it.

Update around noon:

My hit stats are up slightly since yesterday, most likely due to getting a mention on CBC HV-GB 'jigs and reels' segment. Got a photo credit too.

Apropos the ice, first ski-do gone through near airstrip this morning, fools and fools who drink n drive.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Les croquettes de poisson avec le dîner de Kraft de choux-fleur.

Or put in plain English, fish cakes served with KD.

The added touch was cauliflower and two extra cheeses, some paprika and cayenne pepper added to the KD, Fran thought it was OK so that's the important thing.

So after all the moaning about no cold weather we will have to find something else to talk about [-36 wind chill and mean of -22] lets hope it is not frozen water pipes and brooks coring like small mountains that happened back some years ago.

This is mind boggling

if true. Heads must role and regulations tightened.

You have spokesperson Carter saying "tailings waste ran from the valve, over an adjacent road, over a downward-sloped area and onto Camp Pond".

That must contravene all the Provincial and Federal regulations regarding a drinking water source sure.

Angles platypus and geese

apropos of nothing, except they are hanging on the window looking forlorn this blizzard y morn.

Thought it sounded windy last night, gusts up to 117 clicks is why. 128 clicks @ 3.14 am.

I wonder what processes the Nunatsiavut Government has in place to garner input into proposed salaries and benefits for its elected officials.

As pointed out in my Health services posts many people in Nunatsiavut are reluctant to put in writing, or in many cases verbalize their thoughts and opinions.

Public meetings or even small gatherings of people would be one way. But then that would be more like democracy, and we cant have that now can we?

So read this package and weep you fixed and low income folks

Monday, January 24, 2011

A scene not often seen, trawler in Nain harbor in January.

The other shots are of the shore area.

Actually there are four trawlers out there now but I only spotted the one , other must have been in the fog.
Twas only a matter of time, being an isolated mine it is amazing this has come to light.
Zoomed in on the harbor that is nowhere near frozen. Wont either with these winds and snow, need some really cold calm days for it to set.

Prime rib, crispy roast tatters, yam and spinach; a fine way to end a busy day, mainly indoors, the place is almost back to normal.

Some more
weather on the way, mainly in the form of wind but some snow, then some colder days mid to late week.

Hope it holds off for a bit, today is the day Sheldon [Carters dad and Aimee's BF] is scheduled to do his first flight up the coast with Air Labrador. Way to go Sheldon we are all with you...........well maybe not when Toronto play.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Labrador Husky in Culebra.

That's Culebra Porto Rico.

Pitsik, who was adopted this past summer by the owners of the Wanderbird have been spending the past winters down in the warm climes.

Pitsik will only go all the way when his owner is in the water, then he is very comfortable swimming all out.

Siutik loves the water too but will only go up to her chest, running along the shore line.

Karen Miles photo.
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The day after what would be best described as our first mini blizzard of the winter.

Sunny breaks this morning and the wind is gusting and blowing the snow about in all directions, not enough at the front of the house to shovel up around the bottom but enough at the back to do the job.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lets call this link day.

Reports out on everything in the north except how to fix the kitchen sink.

One on the low number of doctors in the north, Labrador does not look too badly in the big picture, it's nurses that are needed.

Then this hyper headline on a report of an Inuit Survey on health done back in 2007 2008 and just released.

The actual report does not paint as bleak a picture as the CBC headline incites.

I think the people of Nunatsiavut have had enough of all these survays and reaserch, money down the drain, we all know the issues and it is way past time to start the pro action.

I understand that to access funds for pro action you have to have the evidence, well how about directing the research into the area and employing local people and utilizing local talent. You will notice in the acknowledgment section of the report that not one, that is not one person lives in Nunatsiavut. Time to fight back on all this assimilation and start standing up for who you are; Inuit and you are different than the dominant culture.

The CBC obesity story has caused quite a bit of chatter on Face-book and in the comments section from Nunatsiavutimut.

Further south this story brought back memories from decades past. I cant recall the year but one sunny summer Sunday my brother and I were surfing at Stanwell Park and a similar but not so sad an ending happened.

I had come ashore for a break from the pounding waves, toweled off and was just gazing out to where my brother and several others were waiting for Huey to send in the perfect beak, brother was on a body board.

Next thing I notice was the churning of water and the blue and white of the surf being discolored by sand, the sand bank they were over or standing on had collapsed, just like in this recent story.

In quick order they are being swept along the beach to the south and towards the rocks in the enclosed picture. Along with others I started to walk then run along the beach looking for an opportunity to go in and render assistance.

As the brother and the others neared the rocks they were all of a sudden swept out further, fortunately just then some good size sets formed and had enough power in them for all the people to catch waves back into the beach.

No tragedy but could have gone the other way quite easily.

Friday, January 21, 2011

We are getting good value out of that pork loin, three meals with some left overs, and the price was very good @ Northern.

Last night it was schnitzel. Now I admit to be some what of a schnizel snob having been raised as a kid in a house behind a butcher shop, veal schnitzel was all I knew. Then later years I was spoilt again by a restaurant call the Adriatic down in Wollongong. Veal as big as the plates with coleslaw and german potaoe salad.

Unrelated; A twitter er has awarded me the CNA.
Connoisseur of Nutritional Arts.

Now to get back to the LGH stuff.

One of the big bugbears of LGH/NG is how to communicate concerns, complaints, compliments into the system of LGH and NG. I include NG for the obvious reason that they are either partners or clients of LGH in health delivery.

Whatever policy is in place at the moment it is not working. People at LGH and NG know this but choose to either ignore the problem or there is something more sinister at play. Let’s just hope it is apathy.

Boyd Rowe the CEO of LGH suggested that patients with concerns go to the person who the complaint is about, or to their immediate superior. This supposedly will flow up the system to the appropriate higher up for attention I presume.

This is just too laughable for further comment, but it does say a lot about Boyd Rowe’s attitude.

Carol is aware of some of the issues on this subject, alas her suggestion that LGH posting notices in the clinics with peoples names, position, contact numbers and e mails will not quite deal with the subject.

People on the whole are reluctant to deal with authoritative figures verbally and even more so in written form, hence Carol’s suggestion, it does not deal with the reluctance issue though. The reasons for this are complex and varied; I will leave that for now and just call it ‘cultural reasons’.

So considering the cultural reasons, Fran suggested that an ombudsperson would most likely deal with the issues more appropriately from the patient’s perspective.

It may not be an ombudsperson per se but some one who had the confidence of the public and the ear of the nobs at LGH and NG, tall order perhaps, but no insurmountable.

Something like a cost shared position, someone who was culturally aware, some knowledge of LGH and NG operations and structure, but more importantly had the confidence and ability to listen and advise and learn from the patients and was independent from any retribution from LGH and NG.

One may ask why I put in the independent proviso, well retribution does happen both perceived and for real.

If more complaints and concerns were being relayed up the line in a more structured manner I think there is way more possibility of issues being dealt with in a timelier manner, not left to fester and develop into the mish mash we have now.

I am aware of the cultural reason being part of the reluctance, but that is no reason why with help things can’t change.

The nobs at NG know these things yet nothing is done, or it is perceived that nothing is being done to make changes. The nobs at LGH know also but their reasons for not doing anything about it could border on self serving and cultural insensitivity IMO.

Further to the previous post on the subject of non insured health benefits: there is oodles of information here on what the feds pay for. Therefor what the feds pay for the province does not, therefore it adds to the puzzle does it not.

If, as it seems, money is being thrown around willy nilly with no advantage to the patients why hasn't someone at LGH or NG or the feds wondered what can be done to stop the flow of wast.

You would think it would be to LGH's advantage to do research and garner evidence to streamline their programs and services therefor proving their efficiency and money management ability leading to perhaps more money from the funding agencies for more programs and services. But then I never did claim to be an economist.

Low n behold; I have just come across another subject that highlights what I have been saying about the ‘reluctance to communicate’ with authority.

The province has this home heating rebate for low income families. It could mean anything from 100 to 500 bucks in the pocket depending on your income.

There is a member of the MHA for Torngat Mountains staff in town going around and encouraging people and helping them fill in the appropriate forms.

It came to light that a low number of people from the area have filed these applications in previous years.

Another possible reason for not filing could be that the forms were filled in incorrectly or that some mistakes were made within the system.

More reason for a re think in how NG deals with its constituents, or not deal.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Reflections of a meeting

with a representative from Labrador Grenfell Health Authority {LGH].

The person we met with was:

Carol Brice-Bennett
Director of Aboriginal Health Programs & Research
Labrador-Grenfell Health Authority.

Carol is doing follow up to the public meetings held last year and meetings held earlier than that in the region plus follow up to some written complaints to LGH and to interview staff within LGH.

First up it should be recognized that the logistics delivering health care to the region are huge as is the geographic area covered. Recruitment and retention of staff would not be an easy matter, nor are the logistics of travel within and without the region.

Added to the geographic area are the unique cultures that LGH operate within. Innu, Inuit, settler non native.

Having said that LGH have been at it a long time so should have some of the issues that patients complain about sorted out by now.

Carol pointed out that she is working on a report on the meetings held, plus some complaints, that will be presented to the LGH board to be acted upon.

To the issues:

One of the points that was a minor priority in my letter is the fact that there are always rumblings of patients being ‘bump’ off LGH schedule flights [schidevac] to make way for staff and their luggage, especially on the return leg.

LGH explanation:

Free travel is one of the perks offered staff in recruitment and retention.

I have no problem with offering perks, matter of fact this province most likely offers the least of the perks compared to other northern regions, at least in the nether regions of the province.

The problem arises when a patient is expecting to board the schidevac then is called to the airline desk and told they can not board, then staff people front up and take their seats. Not subtle, it borders on a racist attitude and a two tier system.

Besides health care staff other staffs of LGH also have priority, i.e. child youth and family services and social services staff.

Then there are the luggage limitations. Patients have a one bag 30Lb limit. Not adequate for women who are going out for a month waiting to give berth as one example.

Staff have no limit on number and weight I am told.

These things add to the frustrations of the patients when all is said and done.

One of the main points in my letter: Patients being sent out to Goose Bay, St.John’s or other locals for appointments, usually specialists, and told they are not expected then return home untreated. Then usually the patients have to go out again at a latter date, hopefully to be treated this time.

Also in certain instances escorts have to travel with these patients, this adds to the frustrations of organizing escorts etc, a responsibility of the patient.

These instances happen quite frequently and for numbers of years. I can remember it happening to me 20 years ago with an appointment in St. Anthony. I was held over three or four days and came away with a real negative attitude towards the system of LGH.

LGH explanation:

Carol is addressing this in her report. From our conversation I think they have some work to do yet.

Related to the above issue; I have been trying to find out who foots the bill for all this travel, accommodations of patients, escorts when needed etc much of it needless. It was not as hard as pulling hens teeth but almost.

Here is what I have to date; If a non native person [me as an example] is referred out I pay $40.00 {MCP picks up the remainder] for the flight on the schedivac and all my accommodation, cabs and meal expenses are my responsibility. None of this is covered under private insurance.

I am not sure what the situation is if I have to travel beyond Goose Bay.

If a native person [NG beneficiaries] is referred out the non insured health benefits [federal program] picks up all expenses both for the patient and any escorts. Of course you are treated like some third world refugee at times but when you are not paying the bill that unfortunately is the attitude of some people.

Any travel beyond Goose Bay is also covered by the non insured health benefits for the patient and any escorts.

So the gist of my complaint is; these non appointment appointments must be costing quite a lot of money, needles money down the drain that is quite clearly in short supply within LGH.

I suggested an audit of the systems administering these programs. There is an overlap of Systems and services and partnerships, LGH and NG.

NG through non insured health benefits foots the bills and LGH supplies the service.

I am not positive if non insured health benefits take the place of MCP for all medical care and drugs for natives, have to check that out.

A point I did lean from our conversation. LGH does not have any research staff, even though Carol is Director of Aboriginal Health Programs & Research.

Other health regions have quite substantial research departments.

Lack of researchers leads to lack of finding out how your services are being delivered.

The lack of a culturally specific reporting mechanism for patients with concerns is another big issue and is being addressed by Carol in her report.

I will get to that next post.

It may not be el greco's but still not bad; shishkebab and souvlaki with a rice and noodle concoction.

It could be improved with some warm summer evening Grecian air perfumed with wild oregano and the waffling smoky aromo of an olive wood charcoal grill.

Add to that some local white wine and a finishing touch of 7 star Metaxa and you have lotus land.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Busy day yesterday, errands, one being the purchase of a new TV stand, baking bread, assemblage of the TV stand, catering to Siutiks ever increasing fancies.

Siutik is starting to get back into some of her pre birth routine, the pups are starting to be rambunctious and more demanding and active so mom seeks out some refuge.

Knocked up a quick meal of medallions of pork loin with other stuff, will give souvlaki a try tonight with the left over loin.

Guess what was every bodies lips yesterday? Yep, the cold, and the fact we all have to adjust to it's sudden arrival.
Some more snow on the ground would help with these -24 to -31 wind chills.

It is increasingly obvious that social media [facebook and to lesser extent Twitter] is becoming the de facto form of democratic government here.

Not as in your face as on the Island [VOCM and letters to editors of the on line outlets and comments to stories] and other southern cities. In a small way people are starting to discuss issues that concern everyone.

Of course the elected officials dont react to the discussion, Nunatsiavut Government has a 'no response policy' it seems, for sure they have a 'no social media' policy.

At their own peril they ignore the voice of the people.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Carter poped in

on his way back to GB from Hopedale. Kinda sleepy after being awake on the plane.

Any way lots there to have a turn holding and taking photos (Matthew as usual evaded the camera); brief stop and then they were gone again.
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Busy down the strip, five planes in the short time we were there, nice day too, -13 or so and mainly sunny.
France has 265 types of cheeses, all different.

USA has 265 types of peanut butter, all the same but with different labels.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Finely some consistency in sub zero temperatures. Five days is a row now with each day being cooler, down to to -18 at the house early this morning. This keeps up ice will be forming in the harbor.

The ceiling is complete, painted and trim up, just the lights have to be put back Monday.

Now the cleaning, plus some odd wall touch ups that could grow into a larger job if someone has there way and another is inclined. Jury out yet.

Had a simple repast of leek and yam soup followed by baked Camembert, pear, puff pastry last evening, along with some really nice crusty bread.

Sure had a job finding an edible pear at the store. A whole box of browned bruised pears was on the shelf, I went through it and found what I thought was two OK pears.
Not so, one OK but other all brown and mushy inside.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Eating spaghetti in Iran.

Carter and his mob are in Hopedale for the weekend. He is to be christened in the church there Sunday. His great great aunt Mutta [who is a lay minister there] will do the deed.

We would have been there too if not for the bad timing, but his grandma and uncle Matthew made it, and we will hook up with the mob on Monday for a bit as they stop off here on the return journey to Goose Bay.

The new ceiling is coming along
, the guys are doing a great job considering all the stuff that had to be moved around, and around, with our help of course.

The job is in its final stages with just the main part of the house to be sanded and panted, then trim and lights replaced, then the big clean up.

The guys did a premo job in dust containment/suppression, something that we were worried about with all the electronics. cameras etc being susceptible to dust.

They totally contained the dust to each room or section by taping plastic sheeting around the whole room/section, floor and all. When the sanding was complete they just scooped up the plastic in contained bundles and took it outside.

One of the guys confided in Fran that "this is the first time we have done the sanding this way". Well way to go IMO.

The last photo reminds me a little of the movie 'American psycho'.

Friday, January 14, 2011

I received an e mail informing me that a member of the Grenfell Regional Health [LGH] services will be in town this coming Monday until Wednesday.

Carol Brice-Bennet asked if I had time to meet with her, the purpose of the visit is “to look into complaints about practices at the clinic and actions needed to improve services by Labrador-Grenfell Health”

I am not sure what is prompting the visit; maybe it is a follow up to the meeting held one afternoon here by Boyd Rowe and others of LGH and NG.

Also it may be related to a follow up e mail to that meeting I sent off to our MHA. I was not very happy about some of the responses by Boyd Rowe to concerns expressed by many at that meeting. It seems our MHA forwarded the e mail to Dept. Of Health and Community Services and that is OK with me.

Then it may be related to complaints filed with LGH by another member of the community.

Or it could be a combination of all of the above or none of the above.

If anybody in town has concerns relating the delivery of health care than they should contact Ms. Brice-Bennet or the clinic to arrange a meeting.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Watching the NL PC party implode from within after the abrupt departure of the Danny has me thinking quite a bit similar parallels in history.

It may seem far fetched to some, but I keep harking back to former dictators, Tito of the former Yugoslavia and Ceausescu of Romania to name two.
These two had a cultist following that hid the true reason they ruled and kept fractious regions together for so long. Much like the Danny held the PC party in check, and much like he bamboozled the majority with his bombast and smarmy charm.

While the Danny did not shoot anyone he did advocate that “they should be shot over there”, meaning the people at Eastern Health breast cancer testing debacle.

Why the remaining PC caucus just seems to go from bad to really ridicules is understandable to those who watched provincial politics over the last few decades and are bipartisan.

Why would anyone in their right mind even think of sending a senior staff member over to dissuade this Cabana bloke from running for the leadership is beyond the pale, and the more the caucus speak on the issue the more they dig a deeper hole.

I think the reason none of the present PC caucus [except Dunderdale] want the leadership for fear of having to deal with the as yet unknown shit that is going to hit the fan down the road apiece.

There are too many unknowns on the deals that the Danny did under the cloak of secrecy for there not to be some real shitty revelations that will hit the taxpayers of the province in the pocket big time.

Breaking from twitter:
David Cochrane
Brad Cabana has just faxed his appeal of the rejection of his leadership application to PC Party HQ
The postponed recognition of the Nain Crises Response Team [CRT] took place last evening at the school gym.

Fran was one of the recipients, she brought home a paper certificate and as usual was very humble.

The following are my thoughts on the issue: I mention the 'paper certificate' as there were two types given out.

The volunteers who do not work for the NG department of health and are members of the CRT on there own time received the paper certificates.

The staff of the NG who are on the [CRT] received plaques.

Before leaving the event Fran was informed that on review of the CRT files it was discovered that Fran and two other fully volunteer people have been on the CRT since it's inception.

In recognition of this feat the three people will be receiving plaques in the near future, just like the paid staff.

So after that little critique; NG department of health are holding workshops this week –understanding and coping with trauma and addictions.

This is a positive move, particularly for people involved with the CRT and others working with youth, elders, justice system etc.

One thing I have noticed over the years; there has not been any way for Fran and others to unburden or de brief. This is particularly needed IMO especially after a series of tragedies.

NG dept of health receive time off and some de briefing but not volunteers. So these work shops are a start in addressing this issue.

It will also help the CRT understanding the different types of trauma particularly internationalization trauma, seems an awful lot of that in these parts.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


mainly clear on the Environment Canada web site mean?
Oh I see, it means blue stuff intermixed with the usual white blackish stuff.

I inquired of the dryness of my mothers side of the family. They all live in the sunshine state of Queensland and I was worried that some my be negatively affected by the devastating floods there.

The only threat is to one cousin who is holding back some water at the rear of his house with sandbags and and a broom [aunties words], all others are OK but some are stuck far from home due to roads not being passable.

I have been to Toowoomba, though many decades ago I still remember the great beauty of the town. We went to a look out on top of the escarpment, the view was majestic with views of rivers and stream meandering their way through lush forest and farmland all the way to the coast.

Not so now.

Half the house has new ceiling, kitchen and bedrooms next, then the messy part, plaster and sanding.

Have to change allegiances Fran says.

What allegiances? one may ask. Well down at Northern this morning the friendly service representative on the check out said that our 10% dicount has been discontinued, we will only qualify on one day at the end of the month. After further inquiries it was dicovered the the head office had instructed that the senoirs discount will only be given on seniors check days instead of everyday.

From personal experience this is the case at other Northern or Northmart stores owned by the North West Company.

When I asked "when was check day" the answer was "whenever the seniors checks come in". I felt like saying "well my ducky that changes from week to week" but held my own council on that.

We had it good while it lasted, still there are other options, at least for the moment. Maybe revert to one day a month at Northern, but most likely not.
While it would be ludicrous to claim that Nain is anywhere near looking like the Liverpool Street railway station in London this video non the less resonates with the direction society here is heading and with the attitude of the government we have at the moment.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Managed to get another meal out of the prime rib [poor oh Tom].

Served with potato zucchini fritters, mushrooms, asparagus.

Today is supposed to be the start day of a new ceiling to be installed in da house. Be a bit of chaos and messy for a week, but worth it in the end.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Pour Tom, qui a manqué une entrecôte agréable mais je suis sûr serait plutôt sur la maison de voyage longue après si long.

Yesterday was another of those 'will they or wont they' type days. Will they or wont they be able to fly that is.
Very iffy weather for the first part of the day then things improved slightly and both airlines scrambled to get flights in.
In a short space of time a lot of people arrived and left the Nain airport.

Alas folk hoping to travel to other coastal towns were not so lucky.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

The first seasonal activity in the hood took place yesterday.

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Nice to see families out enjoying the best winter has to offer. Mind you it is not your normal winter, and it may not be around long as it is above 0 this morning and light rain.

No planes at all yesterday, some loaded in YYR and 'the ceiling dropped' before take-off. Must be getting wall climbing time for those that have been trying to get here since the 2nd or so.

Update: Planes are on the way soon @ 12.10. Be busy time for airline staff and anxious time for passengers looking at the Wxx hoping for no change.
With all this anomalous weather we are having one does think of the possibility of more freezing conditions. Having cold days in the past has saved us from any big disasters like has occurred in the south in past years.

So it was with great interest I read this little description of the difference between sleet and freezing.

We are socked in again this morning in light snow, most likely freezing at altitude.

Some planes did get in yesterday in marginal visibility. In these conditions it is not easy for the airlines to make the correct decisions. Passengers who have been trying to come and go must get frustrated and anxious.

You cant please all of the people all of the time; but it does seem unfair when you tell a passenger [who has booked on a Friday flight leaving Nain] at 2:30 that all flights are cancelled then call back an hour or so later and tell them that a flight is going to try and get in around 3:50 and boarding will be on first come first served basis.

As it turned out the plane was fully booked by the time the person involved could get around to leave for the airstrip, and then it turned out that the plane could not land anyway.

So the person involved in this example came out a little less frustrated than the 14 who were booked and at the airstrip to leave and the 14 who were on the plane and had to go back to YYR.

This is not a critique of the ground staff here or the airlines, just an effort to point out to readers from away some of the uncertainties of living and flying in the north.
No one can beat the British [or as me daddy used to say 'the poms'] in the humor department. Nor can Australia beat the poms at cricket it seems.

Friday, January 07, 2011

Party time in the nursery. The pups were two weeks old yesterday.

Unrelated: Carter was six weeks old yesterday.

Only Terence dropped in for Nalujuks, he was fascinated with the pups and had to take his family one by one out to see them.

Word is that a lot of people out last evening being chased and chasing Nalujuks, letting off steam and pent up emotions maybe? Good fun for young and young at heart.

Light snow falling with a nice carpet of the white stuff all over. Nice change from the drabness for sure.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

While it is not exactly Queensland with devastating floods it is a little off-putting walking in rain with water brooking down and across roads in January.

So yesterday was a great day [again] to bake some bread.

Top is bread making 101 and below is one way to use the result, pastrami on a bun served Montreal style [my bread maker for some smoked meat].

Update: Such a frustrating morning for folks wanting to travel, receive mail or just plain hankering for some sunshine, plus other happenings.

It did clear , well not literally but high cloud and an odd small glimpse of blue. Then down came the fog and drizzle and looking like it will stick around, again.

One plane in for sure and one SAR Comerant chopper. The chopper came in to medi-vac the two stabbing victims, must be serious to send SAR in.

Kool copter.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Hockey dory, as they say in parts of Newfoundland, she be hice free.
These shot taken 3:30 pm yesterday. The lonely figure just about encapsulates the mood, too many dark damp gloomy days with no snow and no sea ice, alas more to come .

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The pic on left is a close up of the road and shoulder, gravel in January!

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Nice fish from the cool waters around Hopedale.

Vacuum packed it keeps really well.

Cooked in pork fat with onions it tastes bloody great.

Weather still the pits, freezing drizzle and fog, forecast not looking good for next number of days.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Not much use going out to try my new lens due to reduced visibility; so some more boring inside shots taken yesterday.

I temporarily moved the mob inside to “freshen up the nursery”. Fran was out at the time and when she came home there was a big Oh Oh when she walked in on them.

Siutik in her "bugger off" mode, does this every time some ones hand comes too close.

And finely a meal taken in December, wing steak, German potatoes, etc. Cant have German potatoes without a beer.

+1 with fog and drizzle on the 3rd January.

What the bloody hell some may ask.

Well matter of fact it is consistent with the corresponding day the previous two years.

What is not consistent is the prolonged warm stretch with very little snow of this 2010/2011 winter.

This wet patch will quickly cut away the old and the fresh snow of yesterday. Arguably the finest lightest snow I have seen.

Contrast these temperatures with 2001. That year we were in what one would describe as ‘normal’ January temperatures ranging from -17 to -26 for the whole month.

Trouble with the blackberry?

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Pups are 10 days old today. Oh joy, another 7 weeks before they can go to new owners. They are all spoken for by the way, at least on an interim basis.

Then some shots of bread making, the rolls and loves below right done yesterday,

and some meals of late, the burger royal was last evening but the pie is my favorite. well OK one of the favorites.