Saturday, July 21, 2012

What a surprisingly nice sunny warm day yesterday. I wonder if the earth has tipped on its axis. Up to 21 at the house, quite the jump from the previous days of single digits.

I received word that Air Labradors newest tail logo was making its first run up the coast, could not miss the opportunity to take some pictures including Siutik. 

Here she is waiting (over an hour) for the plane to arrive. Meantime lots of other planes arrived but the breeze kept flies to a minimum.

Out on the water just below the airstrip this canoe paddled passed. I was told that the two occupants are heading for George River.

Don't think they will catch up to Noah and his buddies, they are just north of Saglek Bay last check in.

You can see the airstrip (switch to satellite mod) at Saglek on the peninsular at bottom right. The Torngat Park base camp is at the bottom of that finger bay just to the left of the airstrip. 

The rest of the photos speak for them-self.

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Shammickite said...

what I was trying to post was a comment congratulating Siutik on her portrait being added to the tail of the Air Labrador plane... good likeness and she looks very proud!
now, let's see if blogger will allow me to post this.....