Thursday, July 26, 2012

Noah is motoring right along (figuratively speaking), now on the north side of Nachvak Fiord.

Hope they get up to the tip of Labrador before the ice melt washes them back this ways (figuratively speaking).

Yesterdays news was dominated by what is happening on the global warming front. The ice cap melt and carving of more giant ice burgs will surly effect the earths temperatures and sea levels. It should add to our (Labradors) foggy cooler weather in the summer months.

Nice warm breezy day yesterday, up to 20c. We were at the dock when the Northern Ranger arrived, passengers were a good mix of coastal people and tourists, some on round trip and some stopping off here.

One older couple disembarked with two dogs in arm, the smallest dash-hounds I have ever seen, cute little buggers, and well behaved, both were adult, one being 14 years old..

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Sean Lyall said...

Their names were Limosine "Limo" and Sidecar, their owners are best kine.