Tuesday, July 24, 2012

So we seemed to have confirmed that there are scallops to be had in the bays around Nain, so why is it that the boat that was supposed to harvest the little buggers was unsuccessful in doing so.

This is only the view from a local perspective but it is good enough for me. The harvesting boat and crew did not know what they were doing. The owner of the boat was new to the area. The guy on board who had the harvesting permit was new to the area. Add that in with a could not care less we know best attitude and you get no scallops.

Why bring in an inexperienced boat and crew? Best I can assertion is that no one locally was interested in getting involved with the fishery, nor were either of the two local boats interested, they have other interests.

There was some expressions of interest from boats from other north coast towns who had scalloped here before, these were turned down for one reason or another. In one case the Capt is a known tippler of the bottle.
I can remember back when the scallop fishery attracted 7 to 8 boats, one day one of the crew off one boat was in the beer store (this is mid day) asking for a two four *as they were going out fishing for the night*. Not a good mix booze and commercial fishing.

So we had the scallops fried up with scrunchions and some shrimp (from the store) with spicy rice and noodle something or other.

 The Wanderbird arrived in town yesterday morning. Good to see Karen and Rick and the two dogs, Pitsik is from here,.  An eclectic guest list of eleven, including two Aussies who insisted on buying us a beer last evening.

And wouldn't this sight frighten the bejasus out of you, dolphins are one thing, these big babies is entirely another. 


Shammickite said...

Well, if I can't go cruising on the Akademik Loffe, my next choice will be Wanderbird. I just looked at the Labrador cruise details on their web site, and now I wish I had pots of money, I'd be on that cruise for sure! I think I'll just have to go out and buy a lottery ticket, top prize is 7 million this week!
The scallops look good. Hope they serve scallops on the Wanderbird!!!!

Sean Lyall said...

I seen a pair of Orcas down Daniel's Rattle just off Natuashish, they came back two years in a row.

Sabrina said...

Thanks for postings re Noah...good to have reliable "source" for updates:) Shytey about scallop fishery...must need divers/underwater cameras to find the buggers;) Would be nice to have active fishery in area again I bet though....