Monday, July 02, 2012

FedEx your dog?

I did my good rescue a dog dead this morning, a nice little cross pup keeps getting (or let) loose regularly. This is the second time I took him home and tied him up, not sure the adults appreciate it but the young girl seemed to.

I only mention this for two reasons, one the pup stank to high heavens having rolled in rancid seal fat.

The second reason is I was talking to a friend in Goose Bay just now and he mentioned that FedEx was sending a plane in to pick up around 70 dogs from the local SPCA.

Naturally I thought he was yanking my chain. Not so after I Googled it.

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Anonymous said...

Hi There,

Yes, it's true! FedEx is teaming up with the HVGB SPCA and Litters N'Critters in Halifax to ship approximately (we hope) at least 50 dogs. 90% of these dogs will already be adopted by the time they land in Halifax as people there LOVE dogs from Labrador and have nicknamed them "Labmushkadoodles" for the mixed breeds that they are. The reason that there are so many dogs in the care of the SPCA is that the shelter can only handle 6 dogs and 5-6 cats (hence the new building fund) and the has been a sudden influx of puppies from the North Coast (9 from Hopedale, 7 from Nain, etc., etc.) and from Sheshatsheit. I currently am fostering 14 puppies that are scheduled for the FedEx flight. The SPCA is in dire straits, needs a new shelter, and bottom line ... people need to get their animals spayed/neutered. There are not enough homes available for the puppies that are being born sad to say.

Here is a link to the joint press release:

Monica Surina
Volunteer, SPCA