Sunday, July 08, 2012

Ditto on the weather front. With perhaps the exception of light to moderate rain instead of just drizzle.

Grandson Matthew tried for the second day in row to get back home from Goose Bay. Weather and then lack of staffing at Air Labrador seem to be the issue. What is the point of introducing a Saturday flight if there are not enough pilots to handle the work load. I would bet the crown jewels that if it was a charter to the Torngat park there would be enough pilots to go around.

Air Labrador still has work to do in servicing the needs of the traveling public, especially in the customer service field at the Goose Bay ticket office, rudeness and grumpiness has no place at the first line of contact with the public.

Still the upside is he Matthew to spend more time with Carter and Aimee.

Noah Nochasak and his two paddling companions were camped in a safe place yesterday, next leg is out into the open ocean for a bit.

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