Friday, June 15, 2012

On arriving home Wednesday the heat was oppressive, over 30 degrees, so Carter, his dad and mom headed for Gosling Lake for a cool breeze.

A little hesitant at first Carter soon took to the water with abandon, his first venture into open water.

There are several rather risque pictures of Carter with little stares strategically placed but I decided, though tempting, to leave those out.

The latest in the comedy that is marine shipping is the Northern Ranger is due to leave St Johns today. Will it, who the bloody hell knows.

I little dicky bird whispered that one of the problems has been the ships plumbing, Stuff like heads and showers not working throughout the ship.

As each year passes the Ranger is in increasing disrepair, its been 10 years now since the plan to have a new vessel built or purchased for the north coast run was presented to Nunatsiavut Government. 
Not a dicky bird on that plan for several years now.


Shammickite said...

That water must be cold, even though it's a 30C day.

Brian said...

Oh it would have been cold alright, did not stop the little guy though. After he ran around the gazebo in his birthday suit. Had the time.