Tuesday, June 05, 2012

La bocca che annaffia la torta di pizza.

Thanks to the coast from Hopedale to Black Tickle we have no planes again this morning. Socked down in fog cept for Nain basking in sunshine as has been the want last several days.

I read from time to time articles on the virtues of wood fired brick or clay pizza ovens. One article was about a BBQ extension for baking pizzas. The cost of same seemed excessive for the end result.
For sure brick or clay would be the ideal way to cook pizzas and many other dishes. Totally cost prohibitive for up here, but still I get ideas from reading stuff.

I have a clay pizza pan, a convection oven, a pizza peel and good recipes. So gave one a shot a few days ago.

I made sure the peel was well lubricated with corn meal having made the mistake of not doing that last time, what a messy pizza.

The clay pan was placed low in the oven, raised to temperature to 475 convection. Slid the pizza right on and within 12 minutes the pie was ready to go.

Moving right along with no news on shipping news, CBC had report updat this morning, no surprise there is no new years.


Shammickite said...

what's a pizza peel? Do I need one?

Brian said...

A peel is a large flat bit of wood (can be metal) that the pizza is made up on prior to sliding into the clay pan in the oven oven. Keeping everything hot as possible is the key.
Do you need one, depends on who you want to impress, or not.

Saskatoon Pizza said...

That is a great idea! I've never though about trying that before.