Friday, June 01, 2012

Spike is a big male husky that we [Siutik and I] visited periodically on our walks. Big gentle giant of a dog, he loved the attention but had no discipline, and I did not have the time [nor thought it my place] to instill some.

We knew Spike had had a fox in his space but did not know he was actually bitten. We were also under the impression he was quarantined for 15 days, now it seems it's 45 days.

Update on Spike:  The good news is that Spike is back at home, not sure what is going on with the 45 days story, must be another dog. Owners have to keep an eye on Spike for a bit, seems to be a lot of foxes around testing positive for rabies.

On the NO shipping news. Retailers and consumers in increasing numbers up and down the coast are wondering what is happening with marine freight shipping this year.

No news from the WST minister, no news from CBC HV-GB, who have put in requests for news but there is no news to report.

Word is ships are running further south, like into Lake Melville, the ice should start breaking up this way by next week, so should be relatively ice free mid month.

Retailers have to make orders and arrange for them to be delivered to points of demarcation. No news of what the configuration is just delays these things.

Meantime the shelves are getting bare, much food is being flown in [and will be for foreseeable future] upping the price consumers pay.

Some good news is much needed to boost peoples physiological well being after the long winter. Lets hope it is not the sort of over hyped good news of last year that resulted in the worst shipping season in living memory.

OK, on second thought no news is good news.


Shammickite said...

Good luck to Spike and to his humans!
I hope your fog is all gone now. Lots of rain and wind here yesterday.
I'll be interested to see when your ice breaks up and the shipping starts. It must be costing a fortune to keep flying the provisions in.

Pamela Williams said...

Hey Brian. Sorry to hear about the lack of provisions in the stores. Us greedy city folks have way too much food in our stores and LOTS of wastage. Doesn't make much sense.
On the topic of huskies, I have noticed the breed is extremely popular here. Wonder if they will ever acclimatise? I can't see them being very comfortable in warmer months.

Brian said...

I guess we adjust to the lack of choices, it seems to become worse every year, even summer months. WE have underabundance you have overabundance.

Spike is off the hook it would seem, bad record keeping on his rabies shots lead to confusion, all sorted out now.

Fran is waging $2 that break up is the 12th, Matthews birthday.

Shammickite said...

Lots of huskies around here too.... they love the winter but they really suffer in the hot days of summer.