Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Woke up to fog again, temps are warmer though, +6, I know many would be getting out the long johns.

On the election for president of Nunatsiavut front. I usually rely on Frans numbers as she stays up listening to CKOK for results.

The numbers are all lover the place and are not that clear but it seems Sara has 1,107 to Johannes 1,071.

That is fine until I look at the facebook sites of the two candidates, Sarahs people are congratulating here, then over at Johannes site people are saying the results wont be known until Thursday, total confusion there, or wishful thinking, who knows?

CBC is reporting Sarah the winner by 36 votes, but Thursday seems to be the official day of anointing.

One thing seems clear, the total  votes are marginally down from the first round and the percentages for all the coastal communities are miserable except for Nain with 55% voter turn out.

So this whole process has been very slow and drawn out, time for a re gig of the election process. As one commenter mentioned, maybe time to look at preferential balloting. That way if more than one candidate runs, and that is more the likely, then you just have the one round of balloting and the winner is found by process of elimination.

On the water the Northern Ranger is reported to be arriving in Goose Bay Wednesday at 9PM and departing for Rigolet at midnight arriving 7. 30 Thursday. Not a word about freight boats. 

The new president elect for NG stated on CBC radio just now that the shipping mess is of huge concern to her. Well I wish her luck in trying to sort that mess out, she will need the luck as good management is surly absent. Perhaps Sarah can change that from a NG perspective..

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