Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Nain Animal Wellness Clinic continues until the end of  Wednesday. Starting off at 7 surgeries and  8:30 hours to 9:30 it has swelled to over a dozen surgeries a day and hours from 8:30 to well past midnight, long hours for sure.

The town should be very appreciative of the efforts of these fine people. While the Chinook project are new kids on the block for Nain (supplying one vet and for students this year) the real force and motivation for the NAWC are still Paul from Nain and Dr. Mark from Wakefield Q.
Add to that  Dr. Becky the Vet from Goose Bay and the long volunteer hours put in by some of the town council staff as well.

The evacuation order has been rescinded for North West River and Sheshatshiu, people were heading back home Wednesday evening.
Not without a little unreported controversy. As well as the military cops doing checks on vehicles on the way in the same old bill were checking vehicles of the evacuees as they left to go home.

Nice day yesterday, up to +11 but a cool spell mid afternoon when the wind swung round to the east bringing that cool air off the Labrador sea.

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