Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Here are the preliminary numbers from yesterdays election for NG president.

Johannes Lamp      821
Sarah Leo              742
Susan Nochasak    569

Sub Total             2132
Spoilt                      15

Total                    2147         

CBC HV-GB is reporting that seeing as the one with the most votes did not achieve the 50% +1 total for clear victory there will have to be a run off between the top two.

The Labradorian newspaper is reporting that Johannes is the winner and will replace the outgoing president.

I'm going with CBC.

There was about a 43% voter turnout overall. Nain had the highest voter turnout with 57%. Hopedale was second with just over 50%.

I have the votes cast number for the Canadian Constituency at 431 but do not have the eligible list.

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Old Brooktrout said...

that's pretty funny about the Labradorian. The Telegram had the story up for a while too.

the 50 % plus 1 is a fine rule for plebiscites etc.... but for a general election?