Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Beside dancing round the May pole today is voting day for the leadership of the Nunatsiavut Government.

Poles will be open in Nunatsiavut, Upper lake Melville and St. John's. If your confused by that then you are not alone, even beneficiaries of Nunatsiavut are confused.

Some did not know there was an election, some know but have no idea who is running, some know who is running but have not had a visit from any candidate. Still others want their perceived benefits and don't really give a hoot about being Inuit, they just think they are entitled to their entitlements.

If you don't take an interest in NG affairs and are not on Facebook, listen to CBC HV-GB or CKOK radio then there is little to indicate and election has been under way for a month.
I have not checked the whole town but I have only seen one poster in one house window. No posters around town, no noticeable poster advertising the election nor any of the candidates.

Twitter is reporting only 40 voted at advanced pole, that is .8% of 5,000 eligible voters. No numbers on the mail in ballot's from the Canadian Constituency. See, it is confusing.

After a snowy morning things cleared off nice yesterday, well it would wouldn't it, the weekend was over. It does not take much sun now to turn the snow into mush. You have to adapt to the one step forward on back, slip slide, use the slope to your advantage.

Sighted were lots of visitors walking around. They have a different approach to dealing with the conditions, more like a surf lifesaving gait, straight back, high knee lift.


Sean Lyall said...

922-2942. If People got fingers, I think it's very easy to pick up the phone and call them before hand.

Shammickite said...

Hmmm... you can't vote if you don't know who's running!!!