Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It turned out that the dog that was thought to have rabies came back negative. Dog had symptoms similar to rabies, this can be caused by other issues like blood clot on brain, spinal injury etc.
The dog had been sick and had been treated for different things with mixed success before the rabies call was made, alas a miss call.

I think I will scoop the local media again: Goose Bay airport had a busy February with 2,488 movements. That is take off and landings not bowel. 

Though the story is a bit puzzling as Goose Bay does have an operational control tower.


Anonymous said...

That is such a relief for you all. Since my last post to you, thought about you Vet problems. How about contacting some of the veteranary colleges and seeing if some of the students would be interested in a few weeks or even days interning in Northern Communities. It might spark some interest, and if a few of the youths in Nain were involved,give them something worthwhile in their lives. Lynne in St. Catharines.

Brian said...

Funny you should mention that. Word is that a mixed group consisting of group from PIE vet school, vet from Wakefield Q. and vet from Goose bay will be coming in June.
The vet from Wakefield has been here several times before, he is coordinating this trip.