Friday, March 09, 2012

Sure was not looking good for getting planes in yesterday. Weather advisory for the whole coast. But in the afternoon the ceiling and vis improved slightly, from the air at least, enabling the afternoon flight to get down.
It did not last long as the snow became heavier and the ceiling was almost down to the ground after a couple of hours.

The first picture shows two of the three movers and shakers in the production of "till we meet again" heading to the airstrip looking optimistic about getting out to Hopedale for the second showing of the video. And made it they did, much to every bodies surprise.
The two T's, Tom and Tim looked very comfortable [says me fictitiously] and at home on their loaner ski doo.
The picture is superimposed on one I took two hours later with deteriorated conditions. 

The pasta dish was very good, I added some green olives to the ground meat and tomato sauce with the last of my feta sprinkled on top.

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We have light snow and blowing snow out there this morning, I can hear the wind blowing through the hydro lines.

No luck seeing any display of the aurora borealis with all this cloud cover. As long as our communications don't get knocked out with all these solar flares that is OK with me.

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Pamela Williams said...

Mmm, yummm. Rigatoni?
I made a nice spaghetti with meatballs last week. Used pork and veal mince instead of beef - like it better - with toasted pine nuts and parmesan in the mix.

Wow, you have snow, snow, snow. And lots of it.