Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Very spring like day yesterday, mostly sunny and temperature got up to -9.
Today is cooler, in the -20 range but sun is bright and winds are calm.

Noah Nockasak and the other buddy [Jerry] are now on the Quebec side and resting in a cabin before carrying on their walk up the George River.
They reached the cabin over the weekend sometime; Noah had some nasty frostbite on his face [that restricted his smiling] plus an injured knee sustained on the decent from the barrens, nothing major.

Giant Andrew has finished his walk, cut short as they were going to come to Nain originally. None the less another great feat for Giant Andrew and the people who accompanied him on this walk. 

Now for the noisy mechanical inclined adventures to take the stage. Cain’s Quest gets under way Saturday; the organizers are issuing warnings to any one on the proposed route to watch out for speeding snowmobiles.

I wonder if the Nain council should not issue a similar warning for Nain residents, particularly on Sandbanks Road just prior and to and near the end of the school lunch break.

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