Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Para skiing, sail skiing, kite skiing, snow sailing, you take your pick what you want to call it.
For what the instruction will be in Nain I think kite snow skiing is closer than the others.

Whatever you choose the sport of being towed along on ski’s behind a parachute like sail has arrived on the coast of Labrador, at least in pilot project form.

This first “instruction module” had a few hick ups with weather delays on Thursday and Friday, then there was little wind Saturday. This moved them indoors for some basic sail instruction and up into the hills for some ski skill set testing.

 There was a core group of about 7 who came forward to receive instruction with the aim of them then becoming instructors for others in the community, and perhaps in other communities down the road.

The gear purchased for the “pilot project’ [six sets of everything needed] did not arrive until Saturday evening, again due to weather’

Sunday things were still a little blizzardey but not enough to stop some sailing runs.

Instruction will resume in Early April for about 10 days.

Not mentioned are some important facts. The “pilot project” is being funded by several Nunatsiavut Government departments.
So to say that it does not cost anything to ‘catch the wind’ is a little misleading.

Ski/bindings, helmet, warm clothing, goggles, kite, lines and pulleys, harness and whatever do not come cheap, or free.


Shammickite said...

Another winter sport that I'll be happy to simply watch, rather then take part. OK, I'm a chicken when it comes to getting cold and falling down a lot.

hopewellwoodwork said...

Let me guess Paul was in line for instruction....
Haven't heard from that boy recently. He get lost in the ice with only wheat baguettes to eat?