Friday, March 09, 2012

The sitting president of Nunatsiavut Government announced {at the very brief last sitting of the assembly-like less than two days} that he will not be running again. The election for president is to be held early May.

At the same very brief sitting of the assembly it was announced that the Minister of Education and Economic Development is also resigning effective Wednesday.

How many ministers have resigned or been turfed from their portfolios in the short life of NG now is it?

Speaking of vegetables: Hopedale community will be having another gardening works shop next Tuesday.
If they get the numbers who came out to the workshop we gave there it should be a success.  

Fran was the guest speaker at a luncheon yesterday in celebration of  International Woman's Day. 

An eclectic age group of around 40 people attended the luncheon in the board room of the NG administration building. Which was about 36 more people that observed the very brief sitting of the NG assembly two days before.

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