Saturday, March 31, 2012

Thin crust garlicky spinach feta pizza.

House still smells a little like a pizzeria the morning after, that spinach feta thin crust pizza was some good. No meat and Fran still loved it, as did Siutik love the garlicky crusty edge bits. Must do that again soon.

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So nominations closed yesterday at noon for president of Nunatsiavut Government. Election will be held on May 1st.

At the close of nominations there were three candidates:

Susan Nochasak is from Hopedale. Ms Nochasak resigned on March 8 from her role as minister of education and economic development of NG citing personal reasons.

Johannes Lamp is from Nain. Mr. Lamp is taking leave without pay from his role as minister for culture, recreation and tourism of NG to run. Mr. Lamp is a lay minister with the Moravian church in Nain and was a former translator with the Dept of health of NG.

Sarah Leo is from Nain. Ms Leo is taking leave from her role as executive director of Okalakatiget Society to run. Ms Leo was formally Mayor of the Nain Inuit Community Government before being defeated in the last NICG mayoral election.

So the snow did not let up all day yesterday. Became light and intermittent from about mid day, the winds dropped and there were enough gaps in the cloud cover to allow planes to get in by mid afternoon.

Aimee and Carter were anxious to get home, and they did, but not without many anxious delays in their departure time. Finely took off about 6:30.


Pamela Williams said...

Legendary pizzas brother. I want one!!!

Rick Monaghan said...

Any leftovers?

Brian said...

You have to ask? But have some orders for next time.