Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Had this pasted on Facebook wall from a friend. It describes Fan to a tee.
I admire her for sticking to the hand written communications except for one aspect.

You see there are oodles of e mails that come in for Fran, these days from several volunteer groups she is involved in.
It falls to me to vet and organize the incoming into appropriate files and I then reference Fran, and some times badger Fran, to respond.
So in some weird way I take some credit and satisfaction in Frans old world charming ways.

 Had a hard time picking just the right photo from Aimee's latest batch of I phone pictures of Carter, so many cutesie ones.After a little editing I chose this one.

Carter is becoming quite the little boy now, out ridding his bike in the puddles of melting snow and doing what 1 year old's do, making a mess and teasing his mom.

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Things should start moving again soon with the racers in Cain's Quest. Live pictures of the final lay over area are here.

News Flash from Cain's Quest: All racers are being held in Kuujjuaq for an extra 12 hours to ensure a daylight finish in Lab City.Daylight finish for the leaders at least.

This means the leaders will leave Kuujjuaq around the 5 pm  mark this afternoon.

It was the intent all along to hold the racers at some check point to ensure daylight finish. But while in Kuujjuaq it was agreed by all to hold there now. Nice to have comfortable accommodations eh?


Shammickite said...

Your little Carter is such a handsome boy! How is the rash on his cheeks? he looks a little better.
My grandson Max has a similar problem. a rash all over him like excema. His mum has gone on a gluten free diet.... no wheat, no sugar other than honey or brown sugar, no cheese, no dairy, and it seems to be making a difference to Max.

Rick Monaghan said...

You made the right choice of photo. He certainly looks like a happy little boy, ready for anything.

Brian said...

He is the man all right, and we will get to see him tomorrow, again.