Thursday, March 29, 2012

Doing some tooling around with the new Picasa 3 photo editor.Actually I prefer photos untouched, but at the same time trying to be hip.

The cherry smoked ribs, spinach and mushrooms, root vegetables and cord were delish.

Weather for Carters week has been amazing. He spends a good portion of it put with his cousins and mom and grandad, either riding around on ski doo or being pulled on a sled.

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I was sent this news article on the winning class in the MyParksPass contest.

To say anything negative would seem like sour grapes, so congratulations to the winner team from PEI.

Argh screw it. The JHMS received over 2, 000 more votes [in the second go around] than the winning entry.

A democratic voting process was undertaken which was overturned by a plutocratic process. I know it was in the 'rules' but when the voting was so one sided one has to ask, WTFIT about?

I am no judge of video production but it could be argued that native people have been screwed once again by Parks Canada and the the dominant society.


Pamela Williams said...

Your food always looks great - somehow in this photo with the corn etc, it looks even better!
Wish we could get that beautiful looking corn in oz. Maybe time for me to try growing some.

Brian said...

Dad-and I, used to have corn in the block next door at 114. From memory it grew OK, lots of water and heat, but do not remember it tasting like spring corn over here.
Maybe find a suitable variety and give it a go.

Pamela Williams said...

I did not know that, but I have no memory of the block being vacant. I always remember the Mura's being there.
Probably will have to wait for spring now anyway. But yes, you are right, I have never tasted corn as sweet in Australia as I had in Canada.

Brian said...

Oh I remember, had to bike or walk up in summer to water the lot, and most were water hungry plants.
And there was always water restrictions, some times no hoses allowed, just bucket in each hand and each plant needed at least two buckets and the tap was over at the front near the driveway of our house, which by the way had not been built then.